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Award of this contract option will enable Link to upgrade the second of two F/A-18 dome trainers at NAS Oceana, enabling these legacy trainers to benefit from recent advancements in visual system technologies and become concurrent with the advanced Super Hornet platform," said John McNellis, president of Link Simulation and Training.
Now, researchers are drawing fromwhat is known about the nervous system to build computer models, and sometimes even computer hardware, of neural systems such as the visual system, olfactory cortex and cerebellum.
Since its establishment in January, 2001, NEC Visual Systems Division has brought an award-winning, technologically-advanced lineup of projectors to a broad range of customers in the education and mobile arenas.
At the heart of the EP-10 system is the same core software and high-fidelity airport models that run on our top-of-the line EP-1000CT Level D-compatible visual systems.
We are extremely honored to have been selected to supply the visual system for this project.
The visual system will be supplied on a Thales Training & Simulation full-flight simulator.
Serge Gourlaouen, deputy vice president at the Air France Training Centre, commented, "There are certain synergies and advantages with operating the E&S visual system across our fleet of simulators.
Visual System Simulator (VSS) is a comprehensive software suite for the design of complete, end-to-end communications systems.
The unequaled database capabilities, hardware scalability and whole-earth model make EPX a great visual system solution to support Rheinmetall's international simulation efforts.
EPX offers ESIG(R)/CIGI host compatibility, which makes it easier to upgrade existing simulators to a new visual system.
We are proud that we have provided a visual system technology path that protects the Army's investment in databases, hardware, and software over the life of the program, and we are very pleased to be a sustaining partner.
The system will be used to replace the existing visual system installed on an LFT simulator.
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