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Early studies found a relationship between visual perception and reading ability, (22-24) but other researchers have disputed the relationship.
xPerception provides visual perception software and hardware solutions for a range of applications, including robotics, virtual reality, and devices for people who are visually impaired.
Ziad Hafed of the Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN) at the University of TE-bingen investigated non-human primates, ascertaining that different parts of the visual field are represented asymmetrically in the superior colliculus, a brain structure central to visual perception and behavior.
Second Sight's Argus II System provides electrical stimulation that bypasses the defunct retinal cells and stimulates remaining viable cells inducing visual perception in individuals with severe to profound Retinitis Pigmentosa.
Monkey Mix Up is designed for use by children and adults working on improving their visual perception including attention to detail, discrimination, directionality, spatial organization, imaging, etc.
The Stroop Effect is a test of visual perception and response.
Bernard, L'Oreal R&I, France; "Effects of Color and Luminance on Visual Perception of the Skin" by Prof.
Gyula Kovacs, from Friedrich Schiller University Jena, said that faces are of tremendous importance for human beings, which is why in the course of the evolution, our visual perception has specialized in the recognition of faces in particular.
He starts with a review of contemporary artwork and scientific and art historical literature that reference the grid, then outlines a mapping sequence to define the components of the metaphorical and figurative depictions of the grid found in the art traditions of the modernist and post-modernist eras, using cognitive neuroscience and Gestalt psychology to understand human visual perception and his double vision and guide his painting during the research.
To fill the gap in the literature review, we developed our model based on the Visual Perception Theories as its theoretical foundation.
Up to now, many scholars carried out a lot of work on fast video coding algorithm or visual perception analysis, but few of them combine the two kinds of coding technique in a video coding framework to jointly optimize the performance of video coding [6, 7].
Diabetes patients had greater shrinkage in regions of the brain linked to cognitive function, and they demonstrated poorer visual perception of spatial relationships, planning, visual memory, and speed on cognitive tests.
Students will find the blend of history, technique, and visual perception offers more than basic information on how run a camera, honing in on the art of photography itself.
ERIC Descriptors: Visual Stimuli; Word Recognition; Models; Orthographic Symbols; Data Processing; English; Semitic Languages; Dyslexia; Alphabets; Visual Perception; Neurological Organization; Accuracy