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These data support the hypothesis that children with ADHD, especially the ADHD-C group, have more difficulties than controls in tasks that require the automatic inhibition of a visual percept. The results of this work are partially in accordance with those obtained by Fillmore, Milich, and Lorch (2009).
This disorder has been called associative prosopagnosia, or prosopamnesia (De Renzi et al., 1991; Lopera, 2000), and is probably a consequence of a failure in comparison at the FRUs level (i.e., a failure in comparing the visual percept with the representations of faces stored).
Patients with ,face semantic amnesia (Lopera, 2000) are capable of creating a visual percept of a familiar face, describing the features of the face, and even describe a feeling of familiarity; however, they are not capable of accessing the identity of the face, either by contextual signs or by listening to the voice.
If maintenance is facilitated, the previous phase of generating the internal representation may require greater effort in the integration condition (in which two configurations are combined into a single representation) than in the multiple matrices condition (in which the mental representations are just copies of the original visual percept).
Finally, regardless of the effects that are directly dependent on the visual deficit interfering with the generation of visual images that are associated with the visual percept, the pattern of performance was otherwise identical across the visual and tactile modalities, suggesting the existence of supramodal cognitive processes.
In this paper, we simulate the visual percepts with the phosphene model with Gaussian distributions.
The visual system is a sensitive and highly complex neural network that provides the sensory input (afferent vision) required to interact with our dynamic environment [1] in addition to the eye movements (efferent vision) that improve the visual percepts needed for spatial planning and object identification.
This system was designed to create visual percepts by electrically stimulating the remaining retinal cells, following loss of sight due to the degeneration of the rod and cone photoreceptors.
Later on Rorschch felt he could ascribe aspects of personality traits through visual percepts because the eye can quickly discern nuances of the environment other senses cannot determine.
Electrophysiological evidence fora shared representational medium for visual images and visual percepts. Journal Experimental Psychology: General 117, 248-257.