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Meanwhile, PGI's BiCo technology provides a soft hand that translates into comfort and softness attributes when converted into an end product; Airtenis a family of air through bond carded materials, which maximizes performance in hygiene applications; and TricTrac is PGI's thermal bond carded material with a distinguished embossed pattern providing enhanced softness and visual aspect suitable for top sheet and outer cover applications.
Its visual aspect, however, plays an equally important role.
In addition to being economically viable, the following characteristics are appealing: taste (the development requires a new approach to fine-tune its flavour profile); visual aspect (vegetable fibres are invisible to the naked eye); texture (several varieties of fibres are used to obtain an end-product thats consistent, bound together and juicy); food safety (non-allergenic, GMO-free and strictly traced) and health (from a consumer point of view, fibre is associated with wellbeing).
Although the seasons change outside the walls in sequences that are given a nice visual aspect by the two dancers who accompany Johnstone, it stays cold and wintry.
More importantly is that governmental projects directed at people on low incomes, which usually lacked aesthetic elements of landscaping and poor architectural design of apartments and blocks, take the visual aspect into consideration.
The initial test will look at the visual aspect of the car, if the car passes the initial test it will be required to take a more detailed inspection that will take at least one hour.
Relying entirely on speech with no visual aspect is one of the primary complications of dealing with tech support.
With the attention paid to the single issue as a unit, each individual story is given room to breathe, with the powerful visual aspect of storytelling carrying the quiet sections that are interspersed between well-paced dialogue and captioning.
Strickland says that there is a lot of "cool stuff" ill math to enjoy: being able to describe the shapes of things in geometry, the visual aspect of calculus.
Film gets people excited on so many levels, it's not just the script, it's the visual aspect of films, the sensational, exciting parts.
The visual aspect of most gigs seems like an afterthought.
The AR was to promote such case studies over the next quarter century, culminating in Hastings' controversial Manplan issues of 1969-70 (which championed a new style of black-and-white architectural photography) and ultimately Civilia, a collage of modernist masterpieces in Arcadian settings that focus entirely on the visual aspect of planning and ignore the reality of the invisible aspect.
Baz told The Star that the Arab world in particular faces numerous challenges in photographic journalism as the visual aspect and its importance are not always realized.
We have been brought up to read text but paradoxically the visual aspect in general has been neglected despite the enormous progress in photomechanical reproduction.
I'm trained as a print journalist, but as technology gets better and easier, the more I'm drawn to the visual aspect of storytelling.
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