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Synonyms for accommodation

Synonyms for accommodation

the act of making suitable to an end or the condition of being made suitable to an end

a settlement of differences through mutual concession

Synonyms for accommodation

a settlement of differences

in the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of internal representations in order to accommodate a changing knowledge of reality

the act of providing something (lodging or seat or food) to meet a need

(physiology) the automatic adjustment in focal length of the natural lens of the eye

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The visual accommodation response during concurrent mental activity.
The impact of different methods of information presentation on the visual accommodation response is complicated by research that indicates that the accommodation response may be influenced by a number of visual and cognitive factors, including image blur (Fincham, 1951), workload (e.
This is not the usual situation in aircraft, but the aim of this study was to investigate the differential effects on the visual accommodation response of different stimulus presentation conditions without the results being influenced by vergence eye movements.
Abstract: This study examined the effectiveness of an intervention package that included visual accommodations, daily preference assessments, and naturalistic instructional strategies on the accuracy of choice-making responses for three participants with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.
The appropriate physical placement of items was noted on the Visual Accommodations Checklist.