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the activity of making visits

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Visiting Tampa Bay players brought along team pennants for all the patients and autographed footballs for some severely wounded Iraq War veterans being treated at the Tampa VA Polytrauma Center.
Details are available by calling 800-545-2433 or visiting www.
officials from visiting Turkmenistan and courting him.
Family ties after divorce: The relationship between visiting and paying child support.
In the September 2003 issue of Catholic Insight there is a note in the News in Brief section about the significance of the Pope not visiting Medjugorje during his last three visits to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, giving the reader the impression that the Pope someow disapproves of the reported ongoing apparitions.
Women had an increased risk of reinfection if they reported using condoms or having multiple sex partners in the prior month; their risk was reduced if they were visiting the clinic because they had had a partner who had an STD.
It was as if a visiting foreign dignitary were shunted into the shop at the Smithsonian and led to believe that she or he had visited the actual museum.
The program will provide curriculum material to teachers whose classes are visiting the exhibition, and facilitate access to the exhibition for children whose schools would not otherwise be able to afford the expenses associated with field trips to the museum.
Visiting patients who suffered serious wounds such as severe brain trauma and amputations, the players and coaches watched as one veteran was learning how to use his prosthetic arm and another using a computer which helps those with brain trauma relearn how to drive a vehicle.
Quintin Daniels, WR/DB, Loyola: After visiting Arizona State this past weekend, Daniels placed the Sun Devils behind leader Washington and UCLA for his services.
Now I shall have the privilege of visiting some of the places more closely connected with the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Joseph Spooner is the senior vice president of outcomes and academic relations with Care Level Management (CLM)(TM), which developed and operates The Personal Visiting Physicians Delivery System(TM) nationally.
Visiting hospitalized veterans is as much a thrill as striking out the side in the bottom of the ninth of a major league game.
They were supposed to be - or documentation made it appear - they were visiting on a regular basis.
The researchers also found that about one quarter of those visiting sites intended to help teens recover from eating disorders actually learned about and tried new weight loss techniques or diet aids as a result of their visit.