visible radiation

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Although visible radiation from the sun didn't rise appreciably, emissions at shorter, high-energy wavelengths increased substantially.
Some sensors measure various wavelengths of visible radiation, all of which our eyes can see, and other sensors measure ultraviolet, infrared, microwave or other types of radiation, none of which our eyes can see.
A solar-blind photo-detector has high sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, but no appreciable response to visible radiation.
In order, the bands of the electromagnetic spectrum consist of gamma rays, X rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible radiation, infrared radiation, microwaves, and radio waves, with divisions being somewhat arbitrarily assigned.
The Council Recommendation, if adopted by EU Health Ministers, will set out a basic EU standard for restrictions and reference levels on non-ionising radiation - such as ultra-violet and visible radiation - from a range of everyday equipment, which may result in electric shocks, skin burns, or impact on the cardiovascular and central nervous system.
An indication of the powerful influence of mm-wave radiation in penetrating fog may be seen by comparing the values of the extinction coefficient at some specified wavelength and fog state with that for visible radiation.