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Scientists have long tried to solve the problem of how to get visible light to penetrate skin and blood without damaging internal organs or healthy tissue.
[3] Zheng D, Chen G, Farrell J A, "Joint Measurement and Trajectory Recovery in Visible Light Communication," IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol.
As can be seen in Fegure 5, from line 1, Rhodamine B without any catalyst under visible light exhibited little photolysis.
The visible light palm authentication used in this trial actually combines palm vein pattern authentication with palm print search of the data base to find the person's information.
With turning on the lamp to initialize the photocatalytic process, it can be found that about 38.5% of initial RhB was removed over 60 min in the presence of pure [Bi.sub.2][O.sub.2]C[O.sub.3] under visible light irradiation, as [Bi.sub.2][O.sub.2]C[O.sub.3] is visible light-irresponsive.
The leather surfaces were subjected to UV and visible light exposure at 20 cm and were monitored for selfcleaning properties with Datacolor Check II Instrument with color management software interface (Datacolor), based on CIELab color coordinates.
There are a number of players currently operating in the North American market for visible light communication technology, which makes it a competitive one.
The [H.sub.2] evolutions from aqueous C[H.sub.3]OH solution (50 mL C[H.sub.3]OH + 220 mL [H.sub.2]O) over NaNb[O.sub.3] and La, Co codoped NaNb[O.sub.3] (0.3 g) with 0.5 wt% Pt loading under the irradiation of visible light ([lambda] > 420 nm) are presented in Figure 4(a).
VISIBLE LIGHT is the only type of radiation we can see.
Visible Light communication (VLC) is slated to be a key means to address the wireless spectrum shortage expected in the communications industry.
Visible light, including the familiar spectrum of light that becomes visible in a rainbow, is an example of radiation.
* Staying with the blue theme Intertronics has introduced an LED visible light, high-intensity spot curing system called Dymax BlueWave.
Offering visible light and high-intensity spot curing, the BlueWave LED from DYMAX is a LED system that has no bulbs to change, cool cures, no warm-up and constant intensity for thousands of hours.
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