visible horizon

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the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet

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Instructors noted the pilot had trouble managing multiple tasks while flying, and he had difficulty performing additional tasks while flying without a visible horizon.
He made one more attempt and started another firm from which stems the two of his current enterprises -- Visible Horizon Trading and Contracting Company and Royal Effort Contracting and Cleaning Company.
The airport is surrounded by hills, so there was no visible horizon and the airplane had no pitch instruments.
The supply chain generally continues beyond this visible horizon, and there are additional nodes and links that the focal agent is unaware of.
Sitting on the riverbank beside the cenotaphs, watching the sun take a dip, unwinds your senses -- there's a sense of calm that cities with no visible horizon and constant buzzing of horns and phones cannot provide.
There was no natural visible horizon that evening, but all of us were comfortable thanks to the horizon present through our NVGs.
For example, using a planning horizon of one fiscal quarter is like navigating a ship by just looking ahead as far as the eye can see, without knowledge about what things are happening over the visible horizon. (Indeed, in ancient times sailors worried about falling off the edge of a "flat" Earth.)
"We have the opportunity to secure our constitutional position beyond the visible horizon."
It would have been a tough night to fly VFR, though it certainly could have been done, mostly by committing to deviate early and often, and remaining well clear of buildups to ensure a visible horizon.
This is different from a marine sextant that uses the visible horizon. The scene through the sextant eyepiece has vertical and horizontal cross hairs.
In attempting to 'ditch' an aircraft at night the pilot is unable to gauge the distance the aircraft is above the water as there is no visible horizon.
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