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Synonyms for visibility

the quality, condition, or degree of being visible

Synonyms for visibility

quality or fact or degree of being visible

degree of exposure to public notice

capability of providing a clear unobstructed view

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8220;This is another exciting partnership for us and another deployment option for our clients,” said Jack Saint, Visibility President and Chief Operating Officer.
Ghazir : Cloudy , medium visibility , all roads are open.
This article serves as a reference point for discussion, a framework for concept development, and an integrating tool for the countless efforts across the Department of Defense and industry to improve logistics visibility in the broadest and most holistic sense of the term.
Using pipeline visibility technology such as this, all of the captured information can be used proactively to help organizations make informed business decisions.
However, the introduction of mechanized equipment has brought on new hazards, specifically visibility issues pertaining to the LHD operator's line of sight.
Simultaneously, best practices can enable click-through, real-time visibility into forecasts and up-to-date status across various reporting hierarchies and all events and transactions as they take place.
After the first resonator, each spin component is reversed, and then with the exact same compensating spin precessions through the second resonator, the second half-[pi] flipper and the spin analyser exert to draw the neutron spin echo (NSE) pattern in the neutron count rates with the interference visibility.
The moves were completed with 100 percent in-transit visibility by leveraging multiple systems into deployment operations, said Col.
Previously, a lack of visibility into the system led to inefficient inventories, parts shortages, and repeated ordering of the same parts, clogging the supply chain.
What becomes explicit from the comparison between Wright's hugely influential debut novel and the much less well-known story is a continuity; that is, both the differences and similarities between two practices of subjugation through enforced visibility.
In addition to trade organizations, you will find organizations that assist with sales and marketing, organizations that help end, as well as organizations that may not be business-oriented but provide opportunities for visibility such as non-profit groups.
High visibility apparel plays a critical role in making the jobs of those who work in hazardous environments safer.
Customers may use their existing Visibility licenses on Amazon EC2 at no additional license cost.
Private industry uses RFID tags--active and especially passive--as well as other AIT extensively to improve the asset visibility and in-transit visibility of their supply chains.
This was the division's first deployment using tags for in-transit visibility.