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Synonyms for viscous

Synonyms for viscous

having a heavy, gluey quality

Synonyms for viscous

having a relatively high resistance to flow


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having the sticky properties of an adhesive

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Anas: is working from Kindergarten education sector to top industries in Pakistan.
Viscous dissipation is much more effective at melting polymers than conducted heat because polymers have poor thermal conductivity.
Yield 66%, 1.61 g (5.36 mmol); Light yellow viscous oil; Anal.
If the viscous layer's mass transfer rate is high, Aphrons will lost its stability and longevity.
Because of technical and economic problems it is currently estimated that about 15 percent to 20 percent of the viscous oil can be commercially produced from the oil in place and perhaps, someday, 5 percent to 10 percent of the Ugnu.
In this case, according to equation (1), values of equivalent viscous damping in each loading cycle are calculated.
Despite achievements within viscous fluid flow modelling, a number of issues still remain problematic.
In 2014, the agency reviewed 22 case reports of serious adverse reactions in children aged from 5 months to 3.5 years who were either given oral viscous lidocaine 2% solution for the treatment of mouth pain or had accidental ingestions.
The viscous potential flow (VPF) theory is also based on the assumption that velocity is given by the gradient of the potential function, but viscosity is nonvanishing.
The Study: In this practice-based study, 160 ear-infection-prone children six to sixty months old were instructed to take 5 grams of viscous xylitol three times a day, and 166 similar children were given a placebo to take at the same frequency.
ABSTRACT: In this paper, results of an experimental study to investigate the equivalent viscous damping (EVD) of the concrete reinforced with metallic fibers in mono and hybrid form have been presented.
BeriValve can be used with all viscous products and even for the dispensing of viscous products containing pieces.
The stirrer also functions to help move viscous material toward the saw-tooth blade and ensure uniform heat distribution.
Used in conjunction with a Ross Discharge System, the PowerMix is capable of high-throughput production of viscous dispersions up to 2 million centipoise.
Even viscous products, such as sauces or sensitive viscous products, like buttermilk or fruit juices with fruit pieces, can be pumped easily and gently with no shearing effect.