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(in various countries) a son or younger brother or a count

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a British peer who ranks below an earl and above a baron

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"Well, then," said the viscount, smiling, "I have done wisely to come back, like the hare, to die in my form."
The viscount was far too well-bred to speak of the excellence of the dinner; but his silence was praise.
Mademoiselle foresaw the moment when the viscount wanted bread; she watched his every look; when he turned his head she adroitly put upon his plate a portion of some dish he seemed to like; had he been a gourmand, she would almost have killed him; but what a delightful specimen of the attentions she would show to a husband!
With what joy did she now make her solemn presentation of the viscount to the chevalier, the chevalier to the viscount, and all Alencon to Monsieur de Troisville, and Monsieur de Troisville to all Alencon!
By an accident wholly explainable, the viscount and chevalier, aristocrats by nature, came instantly into unison; they recognized each other at once as men belonging to the same sphere.
As for the viscount, preoccupied with the object of his journey, and, like many husbands, not eager to talk about his wife, he had had no occasion to say he was married; besides, he would naturally suppose that Mademoiselle Cormon knew it.
why could you not have seen her as she said to the viscount,--
Neither the viscount nor the abbe observed anything amiss.
Learning that the house in the rue du Cygne exactly suited the viscount, she begged her future husband to do her the kindness to tell him that her uncle knew it was for sale.
Terence Kearley, 3rd Viscount Devonport, is a retired architect and philanthropist who has spent many years regenerating his estate, restoring buildings and replanting trees.
Jean remarried to Colonel William Livingston, Viscount Kilsyth, and gave birth to another child.
Rhodri Philipps, 50, the 4th Viscount St Davids, wrote a message four days after Gina won a High Court challenge against the Government last year.
The viscount's family is descended from an ancient Pembrokeshire resident, Bledri, known as Latimer (interpreter) because he understood the language of the Normans in the 12th century.
Jim MacKenzie, Viscount President and CEO stated: "We are very pleased with the progress of the detailed mapping, sampling and selection of the drill targets and look forward to a successful drill campaign."