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a rayon fabric made from viscose (cellulose xanthate) fibers

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Production Viscose Rayon Staple Fiber--85.000 ton p.a
Material properties of the cotton, viscose rayon, lyocell, polyester fibers and the air.
The chemical had been used in the manufacture of viscose rayon by Courtaulds' on the factory site.
The company alerted the council to the possible presence of the substance, which was used in the manufacture of viscose rayon.
The pads are made of tree-based viscose rayon, fluffed wood pulp (bleached with the elemental chlorine-free process) and sodium polyacrylate super absorber.
In this study we investigated hearing loss in 131 men with exposure to noise [80-91 A-weighted decibels; dB(A)] and [CS.sub.2] (1.6-20.1 ppm) in a viscose rayon plant.
Viscose rayon can be manufactured with low tenacity and high elongation or with high tenacity and low elongation.
The researchers began by contaminating several swatches of street clothing fabrics, such as cotton, cotton flannel, polyester, a cotton/polyester blend, cotton muslin, viscose rayon challis, and lyocell chambray, to see how Aspergillus spores deposited themselves on different textile types.
Chemical and physical agents that are reproductive hazards for women in the workplace include: cancer treatment drugs (health care workers, pharmacists); certain ethylene glycol ethers (electronic and semiconductor workers); carbon disulfide (viscose rayon workers); lead (battery makers, solderers, welders, radiator repairers, bridge repainters, firing range workers, home remodelers); ionizing radiation such as X-ray and gamma rays (health care workers, dental personnel, atomic workers); and strenuous physical labor (many types of workers).
Fauxsoie -- literally fake silk -- is a collection of viscose rayon rugs made up of mostly traditional patterns that has been recolored by Manne.
In 1905 production of viscose rayon - a synthetic material - started in Coventry.
Her most important work during the period involved a study of poisons in the manufacture of viscose rayon. Years earlier, she had discovered cases of carbon disulphide poisoning arising from the process for vulcanizing rubber.
Little toxin was produced in the presence of other tampon materials, including cotton, viscose rayon and polyacrylate rayon, the last another highly absorbent material suspected of being a factor in toxic shock.
Asia Pacific Rayon, which began operations earlier this year in Indonesia with a production capacity of 2,40,000 tonnes of viscose rayon fiber per year, is the first integrated producer of viscose rayon fibers in Asia with traceable raw material sources.