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the measurement of viscosity

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The molecular weights of polymer resin samples were determined by using the viscometry technique.
Molecular weight was determined by capillary viscometry using a Ubbelohde viscometer, with chloroform as solvent and a temperature of 25[degrees]C in accordance with ASTM Standard D2857 [22].
Malvern says it offers a range of light scattering detectors, which are individually compatible with any GPC/SEC system, or can be combined with refractive index, viscometry and UV detectors in an integrated triple or tetra detection Viscotek system for comprehensive polymer, protein and macromolecule characterisation.
Modern GPC systems are routinely harnessed to as many as three additional detectors, over and above an RI detector, including instruments based on viscometry and light scattering as well as those capable of measuring at either a single or multiple UV wavelength.
polydispersity and size by the use of viscometry and gel-permeation chromatography.
Detection of red cell aggregation by low shear rate viscometry in whole blood with elevated plasma viscosity.
The full Viscotek HT-GPC triple detector configuration includes refractive index (RI), viscometry and low angle light scattering (LALS) detection.
The viscosity of the reactive diluent--alkyd mixtures, with and without metal driers, was evaluated using cone and plate viscometry. The first group of formulations was prepared from Alkyd 1 and Alkyd 2 in the presence of metal catalyst at weight percentages of 10%, 20%, and 30% reactive diluent.
It offers interactive and automated evaluation of one or more signals based on calibration with reference materials, viscometry, or light scattering measurements.
The researchers analyzed pH; Brix; colorimetry; titratable acidity; pectinesterase content; viscometry; consistometry; the microbiological viability of E.
Flow curves of well deflocculated kaolin suspensions with different solids contents were measured by rotational viscometry (RotoVisco 1 with concentric cylindrical sensor Z41, ThermoHaake GmbH, Germany) in the shear rate range between 0 and 1000 [s.sup.-1].
VISCOMETRY TEST--This test is carried out to determine the viscosity, [eta], as a function of the applied shear stress, [sigma]:
Malvern, UK 1/17/08 -- Malvern Instruments, a Spectris company, has acquired Viscotek, a provider of chromatography and viscometry products for the characterization of natural and synthetic polymers and proteins.
Tanguy, "Process Viscometry of Complex Fluids and Suspensions with Helical Ribbon Agitators," Can.