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Synonyms for viscidity

the physical property of being viscous

Synonyms for viscidity

the property of being cohesive and sticky

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I = 0.75[ml.sub.2] kg x [m.sup.2] is the moment of inertia of the manipulator, I = 1.25 m is the length of the manipulator, m = 1.0 kg is the mass of the joint, g = 9.8 m/[s.sup.2] is the gravity, [d.sub.k](t) N x m x s/rad is the viscous friction coefficient which is decided by the shape and size of the link and the viscidity of the lubricant, and [d.sub.k](t) is unknown parameter varying in [0, 5].
The S-A turbulent flow model is specially designed for aerospace field in its research on the wall boundary flows, which is mainly used to properly solve the areas of boundary layer that is affected by viscidity and has a better convergence toward solid wall turbulence flow (Franck & Niels, 2001).
Singly using paraffin degrading microbe strains to lower the viscidity of the crude oil also lead to good results.
veterans of Iraqi battles indicate the problematic viscidity of the insurgency war, even in each of the encounters.