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Synonyms for visage

the front surface of the head

a disposition of the facial features that conveys meaning, feeling, or mood

an outward appearance

Synonyms for visage

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As he looked, Ernest could hardly believe but that a smile beamed over the whole visage, with a radiance still brightening, although without motion of the lips.
When the people's minds had had a little time to cool, they were ready enough to acknowledge their mistake in imagining a similarity between General Blood-and-Thunder's truculent physiognomy and the benign visage on the mountain-side.
The cavalcade came prancing along the road, with a great clattering of hoofs and a mighty cloud of dust, which rose up so dense and high that the visage of the mountainside was completely hidden from Ernest's eyes.
But the sublimity and stateliness, the grand expression of a divine sympathy, that illuminated the mountain visage and etherealized its ponderous granite substance into spirit, might here be sought in vain.
As they entered the ring, Mahtoree, who had foreseen and had endeavoured to anticipate the influence of the Doctor, by bringing him into contempt, cast an eye around the assembly, in order to gather his success in the various dark visages by which he was encircled.
Thus a radiance has been created even out of the fiery and sulphurous curse that rests forever upon the valley--a radiance hurtful, however, to the eyes, and somewhat bewildering, as I discovered by the changes which it wrought in the visages of my companions.
They looked dark, wild, and smoky, with a singular resemblance, indeed, to the native inhabitants, like whom, also, they had a disagreeable propensity to ill-natured gibes and sneers, the habit of which had wrought a settled contortion of their visages.
The country's most anticipated show kicks off tonight with Jason, RuPaul star Michelle Visage, TV star Denise Van Outen and music guru Louis Walsh on the judging panel.
Pour les personnes non-fonctionnaires, [beaucoup moins que] lorsqu'une identification est necessaire et requise [beaucoup plus grand que], les autorites pourront egalement exiger qu'elles retirent le voile ou tissu dissimulant leur visage, ajoute le texte.
Visage De La Mode is a scheme for shows and workshops which aims to boost self-esteem among women and girls.
Honorary drag queen and RuPaul's best friend, Visage is a trooper - battling flu, she sang and joked with the queens, gave a rousing speech on praising LGBT community and her "children" who used to feel like they didn't fit in; and she even took a few questions from the crowd and impressed with local knowledge - OK, to the extent that she knew Swansea and the Valleys; and the TV shows The Valleys and Gavin & Stacey', but that's still more than a lot of Americans might know.
The unveiling of the headstone follows a series of the events to mark the passing of the clubland legend - including the inaugural New Romantic Festival in Porthcawl in October, tribute concert Strange Romance at the Wales Millennium Centre and the release of the final Visage album Demons To Diamonds last month.
Coffee and homemade cakes were produced by Professional Cookery students from Scholars Restaurant; a tombola was run by Spa Therapy students from Visage who also performed hair and beauty therapies for staff, students and members of the public.
It was back in 2010 that the Sehgal family sold its Visage clothing empire to Hong Kong-based Li Fung in a PS175m deal.
Spandau, Boy George's Culture Club and Duran Duran all got their starts at Blitz, the trend-setting London club Steve ran before finding chart stardom with Midge Ure in Visage.