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an endorsement made in a passport that allows the bearer to enter the country issuing it

provide (a passport) with a visa

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approve officially

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The account is issued by Visa Member Banks to their corporate clients allowing them to make air ticket purchases and pay for hotel stays and automobile rentals worldwide via its account network.
This represents a 70 percent increase in our non-immigrant visa workload.
In a March 18 letter to Visa members from the credit card company, Elaine Baum, a senior vice president, writes: Its ``optional online gambling'' service will be ``enhanced to decline all identifiable non face-to-face gambling transactions'' effective May 22.
Many businesses agreed with Visa that a win for Discover would have set a dangerous precedent for U.
Enabling unique life experiences and providing benefits that align with cardholders' interests is a key element of Visa Signature," said Jennifer Schulz, vice president, consumer credit products, Visa USA.
Clearly, the services supplied by Visa Interactive will 'jump start' the electronic banking and bill payment market, and our members around the world will be in the forefront of offering advanced and enhanced payment options," said Ed Jensen, president and chief executive officer of Visa International.
Lyons, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Visa USA.
Pete Gustafson, Visa senior vice president, said that the new relationship unites Mellon's demonstrated capabilities in processing services with Visa's quality deposit access programs.
Visa Contactless technology enables customers to make a purchase by simply holding their Visa Contactless card near a secure reader at checkout instead of swiping it.
Our 'Pull for the Team' program demonstrates our strong commitment to ensuring that our Olympic athletes get the best possible training to compete in the international arena," said Jan Soderstrom, senior vice president, Visa U.
We expected that supermarkets and electronics stores would see the largest increases in spending as consumers stock up on chips, dips, beer and flat-screen TVs," said Wayne Best, senior vice president, business and economic analysis, Visa USA.
With innovations such as counterfeit-proof magnetic stripes, integrated circuit cards, neural networking, and special card activation programs, Visa CardShield is turning up the heat on payment card criminals.
To analyze the relevant issues faced by banks and corporate clients, Visa commissioned Dr.