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an endorsement made in a passport that allows the bearer to enter the country issuing it

provide (a passport) with a visa

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approve officially

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The account is issued by Visa Member Banks to their corporate clients allowing them to make air ticket purchases and pay for hotel stays and automobile rentals worldwide via its account network.
This represents a 70 percent increase in our non-immigrant visa workload.
In a March 18 letter to Visa members from the credit card company, Elaine Baum, a senior vice president, writes: Its ``optional online gambling'' service will be ``enhanced to decline all identifiable non face-to-face gambling transactions'' effective May 22.
After VISA was confirmed, vancomycin therapy was stopped, and treatment was modified to include linezolid (600 mg twice a day), trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (160 mg and 800 mg twice a day), and doxycycline (100 mg orally twice a day).
At Pinehurst, Visa Signature cardholders can now experience exclusive benefits that speak to the passions of golf enthusiasts everywhere - ranging from preferred tee times to unique stay and play opportunities.
Having finally managed to complete our deployment of chip cards across both payment brands without needing to support two different hardware platforms and associated personalisation systems, the Visa MULTOS card now contains both VSDC and the Visa Dynamic Passcode Authentication.
Initial print executions will appear in national publications with the highest concentration of new affluent consumers in their readership, as well as targeted categories where Visa Signature cardholders report the highest usage such as restaurants, travel, food and home electronics.
Visa Contactless technology enables customers to make a purchase by simply holding their Visa Contactless card near a secure reader at checkout instead of swiping it.
According to a review of historic Visa data, jewelry stores and florists experienced more than a 30 percent increase during Super Bowl weekends in 2005 and 2006 compared with other weekends.
About Visa Commercial: Visa Commercial payment solutions -- Visa Business, Visa Corporate, Visa Purchasing, and Visa Commerce -- combine payment with information to create intelligent payment solutions that enable business and government organizations of any size and type to reduce costs, streamline operational and payment processes, and make more informed business decisions.
As Visa predicted earlier in December, the busiest shopping day for Visa at retailers during the 2006 holiday shopping season was Dec.
Under the terms of the Settlement, merchants who want to accept Visa and/or MasterCard credit cards are not required to accept Visa and/or MasterCard-branded debit cards (sometimes called the "Visa Check Card," "Debit MasterCard," or "MasterMoney").
Smith, senior vice president of Enterprise Risk and Compliance at Visa USA.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Visa USA today announced an agreement with Blackhawk Network, a market leader in card-based financial solutions, to introduce Visa ReadyLink, Visa's Prepaid Load Network, to Blackhawk Network's alliance partner stores.