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Synonyms for virulent

Synonyms for virulent

extremely destructive or harmful

capable of injuring or killing by poison

Synonyms for virulent

extremely poisonous or injurious

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[USA], Nov 17 ( ANI ): Scientists say they're close to producing super varieties of wheat that will resist a virulent fungus which leaves behind fields of withered black stems.
Presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo, meanwhile, justified Duterte's remark by saying that it is the President's constitutional duty to declare martial law if the drug problem 'becomes virulent and it is really needed.' But the 1987 Constitution states that the President may declare martial law only in case of invasion or rebellion, when the public safety requires it.
Virulent (highly pathogenic) forms of avian influenza cause a high rate of death in birds, and mild forms (low pathogenic) result in respiratory and reproductive problems.
She added that the new strain has "various characteristics that make it more virulent and toxin- producing".
The aim of the present study was to examine the protection and antibody response of rainbow trout following intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of either a live virulent (NCIMB 1113) or an avirulent (NCIMB 1111) isolate of Rs and subsequently, also after a following challenge with the virulent strain.
This report (("A dual-strain feline calicivirus vaccine stimulates broader cross-neutralization antibodies than a single-strain vaccine and lessens clinical signs in vaccinated cats when challenged with a homologous feline calicivirus strain associated with virulent systemic disease" in Journal of Feline Medicne and Surgery, 2010)) describes the ability of a vaccine containing two different strains of FCV to induce protection in vaccinated animals against many strains of the virus.
It's not known yet whether the pathogenic cells that had been starved before their rejuvenation are more virulent, as virulent, or less virulent than those that have been actively growing and unstarved.
In what would be the biggest vaccination programme of the last 50 years, experts will draw up a priority list of patients to be given immunity before the bug becomes more virulent.
difficile was identified; this strain appears more virulent, at least in part because it produces higher levels of toxin (2).
In the process, viruses move gene sequences from one bacterium to another, speeding evolution and turning some bacteria virulent.
A particularly virulent strain of flu is hitting New York City.
A peasant from York and his wife, who is rumored to be a Jewish "leftover" from the expulsion of Jews from England in 1290, struggle to survive in a world seemingly driven mad, decimated by a virulent pestilance so severely and lethally contagious that disposal of the dead risks the spread of death.
He also displays what Toby Harnden of The Spectator of London calls "a penchant for virulent leftist anti-Americanism." In the past two years alone, Jumblatt has publicly celebrated the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia and the death of U.S.
Living my whole life in New York City has kept me somewhat sheltered from the real scope of virulent antigay feelings in our nation.