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Synonyms for virtuousness

the quality or state of being morally sound

the condition of being chaste

Synonyms for virtuousness

the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong

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Jihad usually denotes benevolence; it is about construction, development, defending the country and the messages advocated in religion relating to virtuousness, justice and equality.
Yet the virtuousness, in itself, was never the most interesting part of Superman.
This paper argues, perhaps surprisingly, that on this conception the virtuousness of an act is not a reason to do it, and hence this conception of virtuous acts presents no challenge to particularist claims about the context variance of reasons.
The moment Wilde designates the aesthetic rejection of realism as "lying," however, this moral virtuousness collapses.
The term "problem comedy"--borrowed from Shakespearean criticism--is of course a critical category Shakespeare never thought of, but it conveniently describes a drama in which the usual trajectory of a comedy from crises and obstacles to success in love and prosperity poses unsettling questions, or creates doubt about the virtuousness of the protagonists, or does not ratify our hopes of happiness for the main couple.
His current research focuses on organizational virtuousness and its relationship to corporate performance.
I have a smug sense of virtuousness, but this is not something to be enjoyed, merely endured, grim satisfaction in the achievement but little pleasure in the process.
This virtuousness had already been dented in Lebanon, after Hezbollah worked hard to return Syrian hegemony over the country following the assassination of Rafik Hariri -- a crime in which four party members stand accused of having taken part.
In other words, the ethically wise cannot but do what is good, because it is a condition of developing such wisdom--indeed to seeing the virtuousness of an action as a reason for undertaking it--that they have formed their character in a way that makes them immune to other motivations.
Cameron, Dutton and Quinn (2003) also proposed that actors and leaders should try to imagine organizations as "typified by appreciation, collaboration, virtuousness, vitality and meaningfulness" (p.
In the work "The culture consumers", Alvin Toffler shapes the idea according to which the increase in the number of artists imposes a competition which implicitly leads to virtuousness.
You can find yourself on quite a health kick still, and could be roping members of your family and friends in to enjoy your new found virtuousness.
Houri pointed out that the other party "March 8" tried to falsify facts and pretended virtuousness, indicating that the opposition presented a good example during the parliamentary confidence sessions contrary to the other party.
17) The sanctity of the white woman's body was "both the symbol of white virtuousness and the last word in the claim that what made whites special as a race was their non-physical, spiritual, indeed ethereal qualities" (Dyer 1997: 127).
Anuji, too, seemed to have been overcome by a sense of virtuousness and ordered hare baingan ka bartha.