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Synonyms for virtuous

Synonyms for virtuous

in accordance with principles of right or good conduct

morally beyond reproach, especially in sexual conduct

Synonyms for virtuous

morally excellent

in a state of sexual virginity

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Rohit George, Managing Director, Virtuous Retail South Asia, said, "VR Punjab is ideally located and offers a great potential in this region, to bring the experiences that we envision, to the community.
The idea that anger can be virtuous has not been obvious to
The partnership has consolidated a 150-strong management and operational team in India, forming a new company called Virtuous Retail South Asia (VRSA).
But to call it a flop does not go nearly far enough because states that purport to enforce virtuous behavior not only fail to achieve their ostensible aims but actually create conditions and incentives that wreak great harm on the society that their "virtue laws" are supposedly protecting or improving.
Chapter three unravels the attributes, behavior and the impact of Virtuous Leadership.
If we were not to be virtuous, we would not be using our intelligence, we would not be fulfilling our purpose as humans, and therefore eudaimonia would be impossible.
VR Surat is the first retail lifestyle destination developed by Virtuous Retail as an experiential shopping centre that has become a social hub, and a tourist and cultural destination offering an exciting mix of retail, art, entertainment and community initiatives.
In the final section of the book, Tara Smith responds to comments about her monographs on the Objectivist ethics, most recently Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist (CUP 2006; cf.
The virtuous person, he writes, "is someone whose character inclines her toward right conduct and who chooses what is the right thing to do in the particular circumstances through the judicious exercise of practical wisdom" (p.
And they often insist they are being virtuous by doing so.
The aim of our religion is to build virtuous individuals as well as a virtuous community which does not approve discrimination among men and women and in which every one's rights are respected," imams said.
Former Foreign Minister Slobodan Casule assesses that the relations between Macedonia and Albania are virtuous, there are almost no open issues and the cooperation has always been on a proper level even following the 2001 war.
Cruel Creeds, Virtuous Violence: Religious Violence Across Culture and History comes from an anthropologist who provides an in-depth study suitable for college libraries on violence connected with religion.
The Tyson Center for Faith & Spirituality in the Workplace at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville will host a pre-screening of the one-hour PBS documentary "Doing Virtuous Business" from 5-7 p.
According to Krstevski, if every one of us is virtuous to cheer for Pandev when he is at the top of the European football elite, then he must also be virtuous to accept that the public will judge him when he makes a mistake.