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Synonyms for virtuous

Synonyms for virtuous

in accordance with principles of right or good conduct

morally beyond reproach, especially in sexual conduct

Synonyms for virtuous

morally excellent

in a state of sexual virginity

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Although reviving the alliance of the virtuous, which is a leading Arab document on human rights, makes us proud, it raises several questions.
Rohit George, Managing Director, Virtuous Retail South Asia, said, "VR Punjab is ideally located and offers a great potential in this region, to bring the experiences that we envision, to the community.
The idea that anger can be virtuous has not been obvious to
But to call it a flop does not go nearly far enough because states that purport to enforce virtuous behavior not only fail to achieve their ostensible aims but actually create conditions and incentives that wreak great harm on the society that their "virtue laws" are supposedly protecting or improving.
Chapter three unravels the attributes, behavior and the impact of Virtuous Leadership.
Aristotle's claim that we become virtuous by doing virtuous actions raises a familiar problem: How can we perform virtuous actions unless we are already virtuous?
Virtuous Meetings: Technology & Design for High Engagement in Large Groups describes a new methodology that blends communications technology into meetings to change how these meetings feel and what they accomplish, and provides details on a new collaborative view of meetings that create measurable outcomes.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Hayrettin Karaman, a professor of Islamic law, describes a new state of victimhood in his column published in the Yeni E[currency]afak daily: "I know that there are wise and virtuous people in the management of the AK Party [Justice and Development Party or AKP] and its support base, as well; I also hope that the number of these people will increase and that they establish control within the party.
If I know why being virtuous is a good thing I will try to be virtuous and I will figure out how to be virtuous.
Virtuous Retail, India's largest institutionally owned developer-operator of lifestyle shopping centers, is excited to bring India's largest retailer of luxury watches, Ethos along with the prestigious Swiss brand Omega to the city's new premium lifestyle shopping center, VR Surat.
In their approach to presenting a model of psychiatric ethics, the authors stress the social role of the psychiatrist and therefore the necessity of considering concepts of justice alongside a communitarian model in which psychiatrists are enjoined to play the role of virtuous citizens and not just virtuous clinicians.
Simon Ward, chief economist at Henderson Global Investors, said it was part of a "virtuous circle" that was seeing economic recovery fuelled by increased consumer spending.
The massive corporate support for the anti-labeling side in last year's GMO labeling campaign in California taught many people that some of their favorite organic companies aren't as virtuous as they thought--mostly because they have been bought out by not so virtuous corporations.