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Synonyms for virtuoso

Synonyms for virtuoso

someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field

a musician who is a consummate master of technique and artistry

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having or revealing supreme mastery or skill

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In what follows, I discuss two theatrical incarnations of the virtuoso, one a married male, Gimcrack in Thomas Shadwell's The Virtuoso (1676), and the other an unmarried female, Valeria in Susanna Centlivre's The Basset-Table (1706).
We need to introduce the best clinicians as master teachers, because they are virtuosos in practicing the art of nursing on their stage--the clinical arena.
Virtuoso renewed their current space on part of the 27th floor and will expand into an additional 2,943 sq.
Virtuoso is a commercial platform which provides end-users with on-line, learning programmes for individuals, or groups.
Virtuoso enables the publishing of Persistent Stored Modules -- SQL Stored Procedures, Java Objects, and .NET Objects -- as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI compliant Web Services.
The strength of the volume, however, is in the essays on Beckford as a collector and the catalogue entries for these virtuoso pieces are meticulously detailed.
OpenLink Software, Inc., Burlington, Mass., a provider of enterprise middleware, has launched Virtuoso 2.7, the latest instalment of its cross-platform, multipurpose, and multiprotocol server for SQL, XML, and Web Services.
THE new season of lunchtime concerts begins at St David's Hall in Cardiff later this month with a concert from virtuoso pianist Rieko Fujisawa.
Merging Dante with Disney, Gustav Dore with Dagwood Bumstead, John Milton with Garfield the Cat, Kevin Kurytnik's divine comedic satire offers both a virtuoso performance of visual pastiche and a penetrating critique of cultural history.
A virtuoso of the bungle, Peter Land aims for a sense of stand-up folly reminiscent of early Gilbert & George, Bas Jan Ader, and Martin Kersels--or, for that matter, the physical comedy of Buster Keaton.
To describe the fully fledged artist, Jacobs invokes the term virtuosa, the feminine of virtuoso, a variant of virtu.
The system, called automated custom psychical design (ACPD), is made up of a bundle of the firm's circuit design tools - including its Virtuoso XL layout editor and Virtuoso custom router.
Virtuoso has been off for five months, but he can go well fresh and has a solid chance in the Caffreys Irish Ale Handicap Hurdle (3.40).
Morse Peckham, The Romantic Virtuoso (Wesleyan/UP of New England, I995), 246 pp., $39.95 cloth.
The young Swiss virtuoso Maurice Steger also includes the Vivaldi G minor sonata on his impressive debut recording, An Italian ground: Baroque instrumental music in the Italian style (Claves Records CD 50-9407, rec 1994).