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someone who makes violins

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The remains of violins after the fire in violin maker Jan Kudanowski's Birmingham workshop; Pictures, ADRIAN JONES; Jan Kudanowski: One of the best violin makers in the world
Age, occupation: 56, Eugene violin maker, restorer, appraiser and dealer Born and raised: San Francisco and the Bay Area
Planes, chisels, files and scrapers are used to shape each instrument by hand in the method of 17th-century master violin makers.
The outstanding genius among violin makers was Antonio Stradivari, who lived in Cremona, a fam ous centre for violin making.
David Doucet has joined the staff at Pacific Winds Music as a violin maker who also is skilled at restorations and repairs.
Jonathan Franke, a violin maker in Monroe, this month was awarded a certificate of merit for quartet tone at the Violin Society of America's 16th International Violin Making Competition.
Franke, 47, has become a violin maker, supporting himself full time by producing fine violins, violas and cellos that he sells to musicians around the country.
After retiring, Cowan became an accomplished violin maker.
The opening day program will consist of two parts - a lecture by Stephanie McMahon-Kaye, a scholar from the International School for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem, about "spiritual and cultural resistance during the Holocaust," and followed by the screening of the English-language documentary, "Violins of Hope: Strings of the Holocaust," about Israeli violin maker Amnon Weinstein, who restored violins recovered from the Holocaust.
1909: Mary Pickford made her screen debut at the age of 16, in The Violin Maker Of Cremona.
1909: Mary Pickford (above) made her screen debut at the age of 16, in The Violin Maker Of Cremona.
Why, you may have thought, is a violin maker on the cover of a business magazine?
Most homes were built by their owners who include stone builders, crofters, a fisherman, violin maker and even a tarot card reader.
A VIOLIN maker thinks he has located a PS50million stash of Nazi gold and diamonds after cracking a code hidden in a sheet of wartime music.