violin bow

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a bow used in playing the violin


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Individual musical instruments require different acoustic properties for their optimal sound for soundboards, xylophone bars, and violin bows. The hygroscopic nature of wood affects the tone quality of wooden musical instruments.
Together, they designed new attachments: a fork, a spoon, a squirt gun, a violin bow, a Wii controller, and a LEGO structure that Aidan can use as a platform for building.
Others describe more clearly perilous procedures like "Restoring a Shortened Instrument to Its Original Size Using Thin Shavings of Original Material," proposed by Gregory Walke, and "Rebushing a Violin Bow." described by R.
The standard three–piece band set–up of drums, guitar and bass is replaced by drums, tuba and a banjo played with a violin bow, between–song banter consists of tales of Romanian circus performers and Koster's vocals veer between eerie and cute, often sounding endearingly like Kermit's nephew Robin.
A violin bow plays guitar, sometimes three drums are pounding and softly-spoken Hazel Wilde sings like a siren.
"Then he poked me in the eye with his violin bow, which really hurt.
The pounds 1.2m Stradivarius violin, which was stolen with a pounds 62,000 Peccatte violin bow, left
Sawing against the edge of a cymbal with a violin bow, Rothbrust created the high-pitched, doppler-effect sounds that have become a convention of the alternative music scene.
While Paynes does a fine job of mimicking both Page's fashion sense and his knack for playing his ax with a violin bow, drummer Helen Destroy has mastered Bonham's heavy foot.
Which natural fibre is used to make the strings on a violin bow?
Initially, with the unsure motion of a somnambulist, the violin bow and the violinist's arm were lifted slowly, haltingly, up from their resting positions.
Another odd assertion is that moving a violin bow, for example, in space, has no value for teaching a student to improve control of that same bow when applied to the string--Abby Whiteside is turning over in her grave!
To each kite they attached fine bamboo strips held taut like a violin bow. Hoisted in the dead of night, the kites flew over the enemy.
In 1787, Chladni drew a violin bow along the edge of a metal plate covered with a thin layer of sand.