violin bow

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a bow used in playing the violin


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Together, they designed new attachments: a fork, a spoon, a squirt gun, a violin bow, a Wii controller, and a LEGO structure that Aidan can use as a platform for building.
Included in the orchestra was the 10-member, all-female string quartet section using violin bows made of, take note, palangga, human hair
The standard three–piece band set–up of drums, guitar and bass is replaced by drums, tuba and a banjo played with a violin bow, between–song banter consists of tales of Romanian circus performers and Koster's vocals veer between eerie and cute, often sounding endearingly like Kermit's nephew Robin.
A violin bow plays guitar, sometimes three drums are pounding and softly-spoken Hazel Wilde sings like a siren.
Then he poked me in the eye with his violin bow, which really hurt.
2m Stradivarius violin, which was stolen with a pounds 62,000 Peccatte violin bow, left
Sawing against the edge of a cymbal with a violin bow, Rothbrust created the high-pitched, doppler-effect sounds that have become a convention of the alternative music scene.
While Paynes does a fine job of mimicking both Page's fashion sense and his knack for playing his ax with a violin bow, drummer Helen Destroy has mastered Bonham's heavy foot.
Initially, with the unsure motion of a somnambulist, the violin bow and the violinist's arm were lifted slowly, haltingly, up from their resting positions.
Another odd assertion is that moving a violin bow, for example, in space, has no value for teaching a student to improve control of that same bow when applied to the string--Abby Whiteside is turning over in her grave
To each kite they attached fine bamboo strips held taut like a violin bow.
In 1787, Chladni drew a violin bow along the edge of a metal plate covered with a thin layer of sand.
Likewise, the mapping of haptic feedback to the degrees of freedom of the interface were intended to imitate the kinesthetic feedback produced by a violin bow moving analogously on a string.
Huckabay's been known to use a violin bow or an e-bow, and once used a meteorite as a pick.