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smelling of violets

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It is for you, those lovely gifts in the Muses' violet-scented laps, my girls, to pursue in earnest, and the keen, vibrant lyre as well: but my own skin and flesh, once so pliant, old age now takes over, and my dark hair is turning white; so my soul grows heavy, and my knees can't hold me, that once matched the light-footed dance of fawns.
A bottle of Sangiovese from Puglia (pounds 13) was violet-scented and seemed fine with both our main courses.
`A beautifully glossy, smooth nude pink with microscopic iridescent sparkly bits for giving exquisite fairy-tale, violet-scented kisses under the mistletoe.'
A delicious nutty, cheesy chablis with a violet-scented, steely palate which makes it a grand partner for seafood, especially oysters and fresh crab.
"We are already stocking violet-scented floral gum, black bullets and bull's eyes and I've got ideas for lots more."
Rich and velvety smooth, this inky black red is packed with plums, cassis and violet-scented fruit with a light dusting of coffee and a powerful, long finish.
Violet-scented, raspberry stashed fruit with inky backbone, punchy delivery.