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Viola 'Jackanapes' has deep violet-purple upper petals and golden yellow lower ones, and can provide months of colour in spring and early summer - it can get a little scruffy as many of these perennials can, but, if you take cuttings regularly, the older plants can be replaced every three to four years.
Its most attractive features are what appear from a distance to be black cones although on closer examination they are really a deep violet-purple, sitting amongst the glossy green leaves like candles.
It boasts vibrant violet-purple blooms on 18-inch stems.
This is for a new and exciting Allium Powder Puff, which produces large, violet-purple flowers the size of a tennis ball.
CALLICARPA Violet-purple berries make Callicarpa "Profusion" a real treat in October, especially if it's been a long, hot summer and they are planted in groups, which produces more berries.
It will delight you with its beautiful violet-purple flowers for up to two months.
Pyracantha Golden Glow produces masses of bright yellow berries, Callicarpa Profusion's violet-purple berries linger long after the autumn golden-purple tinted leaves drop off, and the evergreen Viburnum davidii has bright turquoise blue, egg-shaped fruits.
Grows exceptionally long clusters (sometimes as long as 3 feet) of moderately scented violet-purple flowers.