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of blue tinged with lavender


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Cluster Unlike many hebes its flowers, attractive clusters of violet-blue, appear intermittently from midsummer to mid-autumn.
This compact coneflower grows just 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide, perfect for the front of the perennial border partnered with the violet-blue flower spikes of Salvia East Friesland.
10Veronicastrum 'Fascination' is an elegant upright perennial with dense, slender, branched spikes of small light violet-blue flowers - like delicate mauve wands - which flower in summer through to early autumn.
This hardy, perennial Geranium produces Intense violet-blue flowers throughout the summer.
'Moonshine' yarrow The sunny hues of this Mediterranean perennial complement the violet-blue spikes of catmint (Nepeta).
Heliotrope is a tender woody plant that has been used by parks departments for decades as a feature plant in summer bedding displays, providing deep violet-blue flowers that smell of cherry-pie filling, hence one of its common names of cherry pie Plant.
Go for familiar petunias, pelargoniums (geraniums), lobelias and busy lizzies or some of the more unusual types which often seem to come in blue shades - scaevola with violet-blue 'half flowers,' felicia daisies with skyblue petals or Nemophila maculata, especially the variety Chelsea Blue - smothered in lilac-blue flowers with darker spots on the petals.
The variety Amethyst has smaller, violet-blue flowers.
Other good later-flowering varieties include 'Ville de Lyon', which has flat, carmine red blooms, C viticella 'Purpurea Plena Elegans', which has lilac-purple blooms and 'Perle d'Azur', a hybrid with masses of single, violet-blue flowers from late summer to early autumn.
Other good later-flowering varieties include Ville de Lyon, which has flat, carmine red blooms, C Viticella Purpurea Plena Elegans, which has lilac-purple blooms, and Perle d'Azur, a hybrid with masses of single, violet-blue flowers from late summer to early autumn.
The flowers of a false indigo named Midnight are a deep violet-blue. Even more unusual: It has secondary branches that produce a second wave of flowers, creating an even longer-lasting show.
Another beauty is ``Globemaster'' which opens 15 cm - 20 cm (6in-8in) spheres of deep violet-blue on 80 cm (32in) stems.
Some of the best include Black Knight, which is dark purple; Charming, lavender-pink; Empire Blue, violet-blue; Royal Red, purplish-red; and Fortune, lilac-blue.