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  • verb

Synonyms for violate






Synonyms for violate

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

to refuse or fail to obey

to compel (another) to participate in or submit to a sexual act

to deprive of virginity

to spoil or mar the sanctity of

Synonyms for violate

fail to agree with


Related Words

violate the sacred character of a place or language

force (someone) to have sex against their will

destroy and strip of its possession

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Your firm is not obligated to make any payments (including capital contributions) if it believes the payments would cause it to violate the FCPA.
of their work with a company are technically "insiders" and violate trading rules if they a Trade in the securities of a company while possessing material nonpublic information about it.
The former scouts allege that the action violates the city's nondiscrimination ordinance.
7206(2), on its face, does not require a demonstrable "evil intent," as was discussed earlier, the government must show the defendant knowingly, willfully, and fraudulently acted with a specific intent to violate the tax laws.
Thus, this poison pill right does not violate Revenue Ruling 69-265, 1969-A C.
WASHINGTON -- Black Duck Software, the leading global provider of software compliance management solutions, today announced exportIP, the first software compliance platform that helps ensure software products do not violate government restrictions regarding encryption export.
Any individual who violates the statute, whether for religious or secular reasons, is subject to prosecution.
It is apparent from Hoffa and Lopez that the recording of conversations by governmental actors who are a party to, or are within earshot of, those conversations does not violate the Fourth Amendment's ban against unreasonable searches.
The Service found that an automobile dealer that elects LIFO violates the LIFO conformity rule by providing an income statement for the tax year that fails to reflect LIFO in the computation of net income.
Thus, the interrogation did not violate Cobb's Sixth Amendment right to counsel and the confession was admissible.
It is important to have an understanding of which cases are subject to the due diligence standards and which are subject to the return preparation standards, because it appears to be easier to violate the former standards than the latter.
LIFA and its members strongly believe that life insurance policies should only be purchased based upon an insurable interest in the life of the insured, regardless of whether the consumer chooses to finance the purchase of such policy through a life insurance premium finance transaction, and staunchly oppose the sale or purchase of life insurance policies that violate state insurable interest laws.
The court held that the failure of the corrections department to initiate proceedings for civil commitment of sexually violent predators until immediately prior to discharge of their criminal sentences did not violate their speedy trial rights, because the department was under no duty to minimize time in custody by ensuring that commitment proceedings overlapped substantially with criminal incarceration.
Although the Court declined to decide whether the officer's observation constituted a "search" - an issue the Court did not have to decide because the householder was not a party to the appeal - the Court held that "any search which may have occurred did not violate their [the defendants'] Fourth Amendment rights" (emphasis added).
A practitioner who fails to file his, or a client's, tax return by the due date may violate Section 10.