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capable of being violated


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Lee Enterprises has not alleged a violation of its right of privacy because it has no violable right of privacy.
In this moral vacuum, arguments that treat individuals' negative rights as violable have gained influence.
In her book Conquest, Sexual Violence and the American Indian Genocide, Andrea Smith argues that "The project of colonial sexual violence establishes the ideology that Native bodies are inherently violable--and, by extension, that Native lands are inherently violable." (71) This also applied to women of African descent.
Among the topics are violable constraints and scalar implicature strength, a pragmatic analysis of the Basque particle "oto," the pragmatics of reduced forms in an Internet community of practice, conceptual development and the emergence of meaning in a congenitally blind child's lexicon, and intuitive and reflective inferencing in counter-argument processing.
The privacy of any of these objects is violable, but most people would consider such a violation unreasonable and unexpected.
13 Constitucional declara in violable y cuyas limitaciones son atribuidas al legislador estatal y no a los jueces de la consulta.
In fact, when using this term, the DRL (as well as subsequent Vatican documents) attempts to present rights not in terms of preserving what one has but as conditions of development toward a specific end, not only as immunities but as teleological entitlements.Yet this is to subordinate the notion of rights to that of a human telos, and hence to give the common good priority over rights, to make the rights violable or forfeitable--precisely as Craycraft claims, and contrary to what Murray and his followers explicitly wish when wearing their liberal hats.
But Saleh Muslim, the head of the PYD, told Reuters in Paris that the announcement represented only a "provisional" move, until there was a violable solution to the Syrian crisis.
Aftab Sherpao asked the federal government to seek a violable solution to the problems being faced by the Pakhtuns and take steps to restore sustainable peace in the country particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
This difference is extremely easy to show in Optimality Theoretic phonology given that output forms are determined by a language-specific hierarchy of universal, yet violable constraints (Prince, Smolensky 2004), as follows:
In addition to the standard OT assumption that language rules are violable constraints (Prince and Smolensky, 1993/2004), bidirectional OT evaluates candidates on their communicative qualities.