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a person who harvests grapes for making wine

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Vintager are also stockists of Vintro chalk paint and product range, so you can purchase the varied range of colour paints there too.
Vintager himself was then stepped up to Group Three class for the Solario Stakes at Sandown last month, but his high draw did not work in his favour and he paid for his efforts in trying to get on terms with a couple of furlongs to run.
In their Vintager line, Poywad offers 2" and 2-1/2" shells for 12-, 16- and 20-gauge guns.
The sun, treading the earth like a vintager, drew from it heady fragrances, crushed out of it new colours [.
This is no two-horse race, however, and it would be risky to underestimate irish challenger romanised or impressive newmarket winner Vintager.
Jesus's parable of the vintagers or workers in the vineyard (Matt.
17) Lyre defended the practice as an economic necessity in order to support his wife and four children, and he played the lead roles in his first production of the farce The Dreamer Awake; or, Pugilist Matched (Covent Garden, May 1791); The Vintagers (Haymarket, August 1809); High Life in the City
During the 1953 opening run of En attendant Godot, where Didi and Gogo go on "blathering about nothing in particular," Celan composed "The Vintagers," in which "bent toward blindness and lamed," a "latemouth" thirsts for wine, a "crook-stick speaks into / the silence of answers.