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a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface

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Low-intensity ground fires reduce the tangles of vines but leave the large timber trees (Parren & Bongers, 2005).
Many vines thrive on elevated levels of carbon dioxide," Allen indicates.
to Vines, who had net profits of $18,520,775 in 1999 from his law practice.
Leona Valley, situated just west of Palmdale at the northern edge of Bouquet Canyon, was a wine-growing region in the late 1800s, and some 100-year-old zinfandel vines still poke from the soil.
Other studies have suggested that vines may be big winners in a high-carbon dioxide future, says Mohan.
Take another long strand of vine and weave it in and out along the circle until you have used up that piece.
When asked about SUVs' higher rollover rates, Vines admitted that the big vehicles' higher centers of gravity do make them more likely than smaller cars to flip over, but he stressed that such accidents comprise only a small percentage of overall automobile crashes.
This obnoxious, weedy vine (Paederia foetida) is a serious problem in Florida and Hawaii, is invading parts of the southeastern United States, and is spreading elsewhere.
Drs Faiz Bebawi and Shane Campbell of the Tropical Weeds Research Centre, Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, say that while many control methods have been developed, fire is considered the `best-practice' option where vine infestations exceed 2000 plants per hectare.
All vines need support of some description for their long stems.
Dangling through an overhead lath, vines can envelop a patio in green drapery.
Invading plants like mugwort and vines that depend on the sunlight aren't such a problem in these shady bucolic woods.
The high-performance multi-user CD Net network servers include a powerful CD information manager for VINES v4.
While others collect jewelry artifacts and fancy glassware, I am always thrilled to bring home a discarded bird's or hornet's nest or beautiful vines with unusual twists and turns.
We are very pleased with the amendment to Northern Vines dealers license said Robert Abenante, President and CEO of Abattis.