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small maple of northwestern North America having prostrate stems that root freely and form dense thickets

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He explained to me that vine maple is great material for axe and hammer handles because it absorbs the sting of impact.
Underbrush here includes salmonberry, vine maple and lady fern.
Thick tangles of bracken fern, vine maple, hemlock and Douglas fir often reduce visibility to distances measured in the single digits.
The wildflower garden, two acres in the River Meadow, showcases many examples of native flora to the Pacific Northwest, including vine maple, mock orange, Pacific serviceberry, Douglas spiraea, Western azalea, red-flowering currant, larkspur, Western columbine, camas, Pacific trillium and wild iris.
He hired a backhoe operator to re move a lot of the vine maple and people were amazed at how much timber was on the property, some of the firs and pines reach 160 feet tall.
The whistle punk gave the signal, and the huge Douglas-fir log began to move up the mountainside, hauled by heavy cables and knocking down everything in its path: hemlock saplings, clumps of vine maple, and yew trees.
Timber companies use pesticides to kill vine maple and other plants that spring up after logging, Pedery said.
As we walk through an understory of sword ferns, vine maple, salal, and western hemlock in a second-growth Douglas-fir stand, Graham claims, "We're creating an environment that's conducive to most wildlife.
In addition to these, a laceleaf Japanese maple, a vine maple, blue oat grass, and other ornamentals cover the berm.
It is then that the vine maple, a shrubby tree hidden in the shadowy understory, bursts forth in a crescendo of color.
My survey showed 95 percent of the stream's surface was shaded by vine maple, alder, salmonberry, ferns, etc., and the maximum water temperature was an ideal 59 degrees.
From that initial parking lot view of Larison Cove stretching before us and then narrowing as if to point to where we were headed, we struck out along the well-tended trail, proceeding quickly into stands of old growth Douglas fir, western hemlock, vine maple and big leaf maple, with plenty of verdant fern and moss cover at ground level.
Camellia, goldenchain tree (Laburnum wateren), Texas mountain laurel (Sophora secundiflora), and vine maple (Acer circinatum) are good in part shade.
The car was later found abandoned on Vine Maple Street, Springfield Sgt.
Cool weather is beginning to shut down photosynthesis in red alder, dogwood, vine maple and other deciduous trees, and the Oregon Department of Forestry is encouraging folks to get out to enjoy the changing hues in the coming weeks.