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Synonyms for vindictiveness

the quality or condition of being vindictive

Synonyms for vindictiveness

a malevolent desire for revenge

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Parliamentary leaders need to play their role prudently to add some sanity in stopping the PM in his bravado, turning family's vindictiveness into a tug of war among state institutions,' he opined.
Parliamentary leaders need to play their role prudently by stopping PM Abbasi from turning a family's vindictiveness into a tug of war among state institutions,' he said.
The shortsighted vindictiveness of the House leadership failed to consider the adverse economic impact of defunding infrastructure projects in the districts and constituencies of dissenting solons,' Lagman said in a statement.
Our initial investigation clearly establishes this allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness.
The perceptions of their centralised negotiators' greed and vindictiveness, remains more important to them, than the democratic prosperity of voters, traders and taxpayers.
Thatcher, in true neo-liberalist fashion, took away school kids' daily breaktime milk quota, but "mummy" May has ratcheted up the vindictiveness by planning, if elected, to do away with free school dinners for all children.
The vindictiveness of the judicial system; the power of control denying fundamental rights; the protected policies of unlimited profit without restrictions or prosecution; the provisions for more being heaped on those with plenty at the expense of those with little, silent and powerless.
It is not a matter of vindictiveness but simply good to see that justice will be finally served.
During the press briefing, Binay vowed to put an end to political vindictiveness if he wins the presidency.
Following his arrest, Rabita (Co-ordination) Committee of MQM issued a statement condemning the arrest and called it a flagrant act of vindictiveness.
Its members are those who do not abandon a single lira for a thousand liras of benefit of the nation, who find their advantage in harming the nation, who make unbalanced and unreasonable interpretations and judgments, who claim to sacrifice themselves for the nation although they always act out of vindictiveness and personal interest and grudges.
Inscribed at the top of David Cameron's political gravestone will be a financial penalty that encapsulates the uncaring vindictiveness of a Tory PM who robs the poorest while feather-bedding millionaire chums.
This was tragedy of criminal order on the basis of adamant attitude, ego and vindictiveness in which the administration was responsible and now judiciary was also becoming responsible, he added.
Saying that the Modi Government has taken revenge or its political vindictiveness is wrong," said Raut.
The vindictiveness of Israel knows no bounds as word comes across that 51 Palestinian prisoners -- who had been released from Israeli custody in 2011, as part of a prisoner-swap deal -- have now been rearrested.