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Synonyms for vindicatory

of or relating to or having the nature of retribution

given or inflicted in requital according to merits or deserts

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providing justification

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of limitations regarding vindicatory actions (art 199 of the Civil Code
The effective use of simple language, simple people, and simple facts and acts assembled around a bizarre event, which becomes even more extraordinary because of its live broadcast by the mass media (producers and transmitters of ideology and interpretation of reality in our modern times), infuses the novel with an incredibly successful vindicatory tone, turning it into the voice of a dying society that is being gradually ravaged, in the name of progress, annihilated by the colossal industrial machinery of the maquiladoras.
In a similar vein, the vindicatory conception of the right depends almost entirely on the primary claim-right conception for its normative content and is therefore of little independent significance.
There is an evolution from an autoerotic focus to heterosexuality, show emotional fluctuations, vindicatory social attitudes, and there is a progressive separation from their parents and preferential association with their peers.
The book details the techniques of vindicatory violence that nobles employed to insult, curse, intimidate, humiliate, challenge, maim, and kill their rivals, as well as members of their families and entourages.
With a kind of vindicatory glee I would later write: "In vain one looks in the official sources for a world of women in need of protection against sexually demanding, aggressive, or overpowering men.
Here Carroll illustrates the general causes and contours of vindicatory violence.
Perhaps Carroll's most significant achievement is less in imagining such a nebulous concept as vindicatory violence than in documenting it in an era when there were good contemporary legal reasons to conceal it.
Taking McCaig's vindicatory wish-fulfilment a step further, Olds goes as far as proffering a death threat in the poem's clinching valediction: "I thought, if you have hurt my child with that, / if you have curdled my milk I will find you, and I will kill you" (38-9).
The content of the offence is more important than the manner, which is why the vindicatory system used to follow a certain order and did not tolerate private revenge.
His proposed genealogy can be classified as fictional as opposed to historically true (inasmuch as it is an imagined story) and vindicatory as opposed to reductive (inasmuch as it is supposed to strengthen our confidence in the outlook it explains and not debunk it).
punishment without lessening the obligation of vindicatory justice.