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Synonyms for vindication

Synonyms for vindication

a freeing or clearing from accusation or guilt

a statement that justifies or defends something, such as a past action or policy

Synonyms for vindication

the act of vindicating or defending against criticism or censure etc.

the justification for some act or belief

References in classic literature ?
The sincere manner of the trapper, as he uttered this simple vindication, was not entirely thrown away on the emigrant, whose dull nature was gradually quickening into a flame, that might speedily have burst forth with dangerous violence.
Of so refined a character, indeed, was their talent of assault under the mask of sympathy, that when Dolly, recovering, embraced her father tenderly, as in vindication of his goodness, Mrs Varden expressed her solemn hope that this would be a lesson to him for the remainder of his life, and that he would do some little justice to a woman's nature ever afterwards--in which aspiration Miss Miggs, by divers sniffs and coughs, more significant than the longest oration, expressed her entire concurrence.
My daughter's case, sir,' said he, 'at the time when, in vindication of her outraged feelings and her sex, she became the plaintiff in Rugg and Bawkins.
However, the retraction I have mentioned found its way into Lizzie Hexam's hands, with a general flavour on it of having been favoured by some anonymous messenger in a dark cloak and slouched hat, and was by her forwarded, in her father's vindication, to Mr Boffin, my client.
DNA tests confirmed Friday that the mystery blonde girl who was taken from a Roma couple caring for her in Greece is in fact of Roma descent, a true vindication for the minority, according to Time magazine.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan said the All Parties Conference (APC) resolution was, in many ways, a vindication of PTI's position demanding "give peace a chance.
It is a vindication of bringing players to the club, it is a vindication of Scottish football and it is great for the kid.
Former Forest midfielder O'Neill, now manager at Sunderland, who host the Reds in the Premier League on Saturday evening in what is certain to be an emotionally-charged game, said: "It's been going on for so, so long, but it is total vindication for those Liverpool people who felt this was worthy, to fight this all the way.
The England captain insisted last night there was no particular sense of vindication in "getting a monkey off his back" and silencing those who have increasingly questioned his Test future.
The England captain insists there was no particular sense of vindication in "getting a monkey" off his back and silencing those who have increasingly questioned his Test future.
Sheila Rowbotham presents A vindication of the rights of woman.
This section further presents the vindication rates of various Fourth Department justices, and certain voting trends by Fourth Department justices when on a divided panel.
NEW YORK, September 27, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Barely 24 hours after launch, Gangstar: Miami Vindication, the latest title published by Gameloft, has climbed to the top position on the App Store sales chart and is ranked the #1 best-selling* game in the U.
A striking son of Seattle Slew, who was prevented from adding to his Breeders' Cup Juvenile success by injury, Vindication was one of the most hyped stallions of his generation, retiring to Hill 'n' Dale Farm in Kentucky in 2004 at a fee of $50,000.
New Delhi, May 17 (ANI): The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Sunday said that the United Progressive Alliance's (UPA) victory in 2009 general elections was a vindication of the policies adopted by the coalition.