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that which unites or binds

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Uncus relatively short, medially broadened, apically tapering, with rounded apex; tegumen short and narrow; valva mediumlong; cucullus broadly rounded, covered with long and fine hairs; costal margin sclerotized, slightly concave; sacculus short; ampulla robust, relatively long, slightly curved, horn-shaped, apically rounded; vinculum medium-long, rather broad, Vshaped.
Such is the vinculum, the unlocalizable primary link that borders the absolute interior" (Deleuze 1993, 111).
Under the agreement, Vinculum Japan will build upon the significant functionality of webMethods' business activity monitoring (BAM) capabilities to deliver real-time monitoring of business performance.
Inspired by various Pauline texts, such as "in him all things hold together" (Col 1:17), Blondel applied the idea of the vinculum to the Incarnate Word, conceiving of Christ as a universal mediator, vinculum vinculorum, who united humanity and all creation in himself.
The doctrine of the Spirit as the vinculum caritatis is graphically set forth in the trinitarian miniatures of the medieval Rothschild Canticles, in which the Spirit is pictured as a giant encircling "dove" whose wings enfold the Father and Son, and whose large talons and tail provide points of intersection for all three figures.
In this article, the author examines the nature of the vinculum substantiale the "substantial bond" of monads as it arises in Leibniz's correspondence with Des Bosses.
As the Cardinal himself said, in an article for Vinculum (an organ of the Pontifical Council for the Family), "When the Church shows compassion, it makes news.
Vinculum is FTDI's brand name for a range of USB host/slave controller ICs that prove easy implementation to USB host controller functionality within products and utilize FTDI's tried and tested embedded firmware to significantly reduce development costs and time to market.
com)-- Vinculum Group, a global order management and fulfilment software company participated in the panel discussion held at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai on 11th Feb 2016.
From the Latin verb vincre, Alice Friman takes the noun, vinculum meaning a bond or tie, to suggest her collection's central trope: attachment.
2] present; the male with bilaterally symmetrical vinculum and valva, valva divided into costal and saccular parts, vinculum a narrow sclerite, gnathos hook shaped with basal and median articulations; the female with a signum (Lee & Brown 2012).
Busily sprinkling glitter over my own increasingly erratic joie de vivre, I was chary when her fifth collection, Vinculum, arrived about following Friman down once more, but the news she delivers is again worth the pain.
This kit serves to help developers use the Vinculum brand of FTDI's USB host-controller ICs when they need to put a USB port in a device but don't want or need to master USB protocols.
The deciding factor was DCA's level of creativity and ability to bring the system online within weeks rather than months," said Vinculum President Joseph DePetro.