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Synonyms for vincible

open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection

Synonyms for vincible

susceptible to being defeated

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Vincible ignorance is such that a person both could and should have overcome it.
read L 'In vincible, (12) that he led Greek tragedy into criminal
He commanded 801 Naval Air Squadron, HMS In vincible, and purports to offer "the controversial account of what really happened in the South Atlantic skies".
Whether you blame it on a virus, or simply on the boogie, the end is in sight and Sheikh Mo's mighty battalions will be once more invincible when it really counts (leaving aside the fact that they've already proved entirely vincible at other meetings that have really counted).
In this final paragraph Father Prieur says many Catholics suffer from both vincible and invincible ignorance regarding contraception.
Privacy becomes ever more vincible and the Google corporate value "Don't be Evil" becomes more important, though more of a guideline than a regulable FCC standard.
However, she cannot resist the imperative: "Torn with love and awe, / I saw the Face, the plaited thorns, the stain / Of blood descending to the beard I saw; / And felt the power of life conquering death, / More dread than death, for death is vincible.
To sum up, invincible ignorance is never a sin, whereas vincible ignorance is a sin if it concerns things one is bound to know.
Despite the fact that STDs are extremely widespread and have severe consequences, it is troubling that there is such a large portion of people who still feel in vincible," says Dr.
If the confessor examines the condition of his onanistic penitents he will easily perceive and understand that the ignorance in which they are enmeshed is vincible and culpable, because they always have at least some confused grasp of the evil of onanism.