vin ordinaire

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cheap French table wine of unspecified origin

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At a time when business practices are being held up to the light, Summit's vin ordinaire looks pretty good.
More than one person said "Ah, size does matter," indulging their vin ordinaire vulgarity.
'Music only exists in terms of its style,' he once said, as he berated those who asked 'Why bother?' 'The same people say, "What's the point of recognizing this or that vintage; vin ordinaire is perfectly good for me." I think the danger in performing music of any sort is in reducing it all to a sort of vin ordinaire.' Michael certainly never let this happen.
Hot to trot:; The food isstandard Indian fare at Ignite but chefs work hard to make sure it always impresses; Better than vin ordinaire: Customers enjoy good wine with their tasty pasta
And never mind that what went before was strictly vin ordinaire.
Up to the relatively recent past, the story has been pretty dismal, with a record of subsidised wine lakes, leading to oceans of thin, red vin ordinaire. It cannot be denied that mediocrity is still in evidence, but the last 15 years have witnessed a massive revolution that has made this the most exciting and innovative region, not only in France, but worldwide.
KECKS IN THE CITY: Another big trauma for Bridget Jones; GOING DOWN: Bridget on the job; VIN ORDINAIRE: Jessica Mellor, 31, is unmoved
Meanwhile, in the same period as Craig-Martin's show, these and other newspapers carried no less than eight reviews of a first novel (name and author now forgotten) that they nearly all judged to be entirely vin ordinaire. You can imagine how the younger artists fare, although, as all of them have grown up in an era of critical cynicism or neglect, their expectations are minimal.
And these are "strong" coffees, as different from lower-grown beans as an old-vine burgundy is from vin ordinaire or a fine microbrewery ale is from mass-market American lagers.
And the surplus of plonk was intensified by worldwide shifts in taste away from "vin ordinaire" to more expensive premium wines.
Better than vin ordinaire: Customers enjoy good wine with their tasty pasta; All day food: Ad Lib is popular with both lunchtime and evening diners
This was also a first chance to try Tunisian wine - pretty close to French vin ordinaire. A bottle of local dry white in a posh restaurant or hotel is fair value at around pounds 6, reds are pounds 7-pounds 8 (go for Magon Vieux), and more attractive roses, around pounds 6 (Chateau Mornag is a good bet).
It does explain, though, why so much French food is smothered in garlic, why the towns and cities of France smell so much of drains, why it is usually necessary to wash down the food with quantities of vin ordinaire and why it is still not safe to drink their tap water.