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Synonyms for vim

a quality of active mental and physical forcefulness

Synonyms for vim

a healthy capacity for vigorous activity

an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)

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14) Moreover, in theory at least, the damage caused to the civilian infrastructure of a state subjected to jus ad vim should be less than that caused by large-scale interstate wars.
VIM is experienced in providing its services to the clients ranging from advertising and creative agencies to the well-known international brands.
The QuARTS reaction was further validated by quantifying methylated genes BMP3, NDRG4, VIM, and TFPI2 in colorectal tissue samples.
It's worth noting that these VIM definitions have not yet been universally adopted, and conflicting definitions still exist within government regulations within sub-segments of the pharmaceutical industry, and even between companies engaged in the same business due to variations in local quality systems.
Whether your work is done at one of the many other VIM clinics being established around the country or any medical clinic, I encourage you to be a volunteer in medicine
After investing approximately $8,000 to develop several prototypes of the VIM card, and partnering with award-winning graphic designer Darren Morgenthaler last July, HYLife began offering custom-tailored VIM cards to the public as an additional service.
Sometimes these deviations are erroneously referred to as "corrections," however VIM 3.
Fried and Rottman developed VIM as a result of a project for IBM, which involved a material that was too unstable for melt processing.
Pierre-Henri Benhamou, Chairman and CEO of DBV Technologies, said: "We are very proud to announce this new collaboration with INRA and especially the VIM unit.
Bio-Reference and Coastal VIM have just announced a new agreement to provide routine laboratory tests, free-of-charge, to patients who are unable to obtain necessary testing due to cost.
Mohammad El Omari, Director of Strategy & Business Development of VIM, - “We are looking forward to presenting our most up-to-date media solutions, as well as innovative branding and marketing tools at the exhibition,” - he further commented.
District Court judge in Concord--is against Musgrave and his company, Prograf Digital Service, the Kentucky-based distributor of VIM Technologies, an Israeli firm.
PCR amplification of imp and vim genes was conducted by using primers based on conserved regions of the imp and vim genes (blaIMP-F: 5'-GAAG-GCGTTTATGTTCATACTT-3', blaIMP-R: 5'-GTTTGCCTTACCAT ATTTGGA-3', blaVIMG-F: 5'-GGT-GTTTGGTCGCATATC-3', and bla VIMG-R 5'-TGGGCCATTCAGC CAGATC-3') and heat-extracted DNA as template.
Approved in 1986 by General Synod, the church's governing body, the VIM program enables people of various ages, skills and professions to offer themselves for voluntary service for one to two years.