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a minute hairlike projection on mucous membrane

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The villous air-filled cushions distribute pressure extremely well, but some models provide little stability.
Imagine the following: without any universally agreed quantitative guidelines, how do we distinguish "subtotal" from partial villous atrophy?
(2-4) Early CHMs are characterized by a redundant bulbous villous growth pattern, hypercellular myxoid villous stroma, a labyrinthine network of villous stromal canalicular vascular structures, karyorrhectic debris within stroma, and at least focal trophoblastic hyperplasia on villi and the undersurface of the chorionic plate.
Many investigators believe that this lesion is due to replacement of the villus by fibrin, this being formed either from the maternal blood in the intervillous space or from the fetal blood in the villous capillaries25.
was used [19]: epithelial damage overlying the villi and reduction in the villous depth, inflammation in the ileum lamina propria and serosa, and hemorrhage in the ileum were evaluated.
Celiac disease is a close differential for CVID enteropathy, with both entities showing intraepithelial lymphocytosis and villous blunting.
The positive diagnosis of CD was based on the presence of characteristic duodenal enteropathy, which can range from intraepithelial lymphocytosis (LIEs) to total villous flattening; positive serology for specific antibodies, mainly those directed against type 2 tissue transglutaminase (tTG); and CD-associated symptoms.
The number of vascular channels present in terminal villi ranges from 2 to 6 and if the number increases beyond this then it is termed as 'villous hypervascularity (1).' The term 'chorangiosis' was introduced by Altshuler in 1984 and is defined as the presence of [greater than or equal to]10 terminal villi, each containing [greater than or equal to]10 capillaries per terminal villus in [greater than or equal to]10 low power (10x) fields in at least 3 or more random, non-infarcted cotyledons of the placenta (2).
The chorionic veins are direct continuations of the veins of the villous trees (stem villi, attached to the plate that reaches the cotyledon) and usually crosses underneath to the chorionic arteries.
Large villous adenoma of the appendix: a case treated with sequential endoscopic-minimal surgical technique.
Villous adenoma of extrahepatic bile duct: contrast enhanced sonography findings.
In order to be able to reliably evaluate the villous maturation of the placenta, the pathologist was only informed about the gestational age.
It also showed subendothelial fibrin deposition in stem villous blood vessels, chorionic villous hypervascularity, and a small subchorionic placental infarct.
Placental examination showed placentomegaly with villous hydrops, fetal erythroblastosis, and infiltration of villous stroma by aforementioned histiocytic cells (Figure 2).