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a minute hairlike projection on mucous membrane

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NS2-B1###White, villiform and spread around###thick and thin mycelia whose diameters were 8.8-13.8 m and 1.7-2.7 m, black
A, Traditional serrated adenoma with an exophytic, coarsely villiform growth pattern.
A villiform growth pattern is observed containing goblet cells with mucous cells, Paneth cells and neuroendocrine cells.
Iris mammillations, which are tiny, numerous, villiform, brown nodules occupying the iris stroma, are also common.19 The background fundus pigmentation is more pronounced compared to the opposite eye, giving rise to a darker red reflex.
hippos complex the upper jaw has an outer row of strong canines (widely spaced in adults) and an inner band of small villiform teeth that is widest anteriorly.
Mouth small, with band of small villiform teeth, opening slightly oblique.
A, Villiform finger-like projections lined with intestinal type glandular epithelium in a villous adenoma of urinary bladder.
High grade dysplasia and esophageal adenocarcinoma images exhibited more heterogeneous structures corresponding to irregular, heterogeneous tissue morphology from distorted and cribriform or villiform glandular architecture.
(46) Recently, the defining feature of TSAs has been suggested to be ectopic crypt formation, in which the crypts have detached from the underlying muscularis mucosa, occurring even at the surface of the polyp, and may develop overall protuberant, villiform architecture (Figure 5).
nostrils just in front of eyes, anterior nostril small and rounded and posterior one long oval; upper jaw protruding slightly in front of lower jaw; maxilla reaching to below mideye level (pupil or center of orbit); at front of each jaw, 6 enlarged, fang-like, conical teeth, outer series of lateral teeth conical and compressed with parallel rows of villiform teeth; least suborbital depth much shorter than eye diameter, six or seven transverse rows of scales on cheek and six (5-7) on opercle; anterodorsal profile ascending somewhat sharply from mouth to eyes then gently just above eye; dorsal profile of fish body somewhat arched; anteriormost margin of mouth somewhat pointed (Fig.
These criteria included goblet cells, columnar absorptive cells and brush border, and villiform foveolar epithelium [119].
The periphery of the cytoplasm exhibits the circumferential, characteristic villiform projections that lend the disease its name.