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a minute hairlike projection on mucous membrane

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Microscopically, the terminal villi demonstrate loss of villous capillaries with stromal fibrosis.
Furthermore, the results showed stimulatory effect of the [alpha] - galactosides on height of the villi, surface area and crypt depth in all studied segments of the intestine in the in ovo experimental group (P [?
From each section, five well-orientated villi having intact lamina propria were selected randomly for examination.
And then you can count how many crypts and villi are there and how complex they look.
To calculate the number of goblet cells in non-infected, infected and infected-treated mice, jejunum tissue sections were stained with Alcian blue and the number of goblet cells was scored in 10 well orinted jejuna villi (Allen et al.
Villi, epithelium, and glands: Villi develop at the duodenum at first as a result of the proliferation of mesenchymal tissue beneath the epithelium (9).
This functional layer, like the intestinal villi it resembles, has a very high surface area.
Some muscle fibres could be seen invading the core of the villi.
In all cyprids the third segment features a flat surface (the attachment disc) covered with small cuticular villi thought to function in adhesion.
Specimens from two of the four cases were positive by immunohistochemistry: viral antigen was noted in mononuclear cells (presumed to be glial cells and neurons within the brain) of one newborn, and within the chorionic villi from one of the miscarriages.
IL-2 levels were lower in the maternal blood from GDM and placenta villi from MGH, whereas IL-4 levels were higher in the cord blood from GDM and placental extravillous layer from MGH (Table 3).
Celiac disease is often interrelated with a multitudinous number of complications besides being atrophy of small intestinal villi.