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Synonyms for villainous

Synonyms for villainous

utterly reprehensible in nature or behavior

Synonyms for villainous

extremely wicked


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Some twenty souls in all there were, fifteen of them rough and villainous appearing seamen.
We are absolutely in your power, but you'll treat Professor Porter and Miss Porter with respect or I'll break that vile neck of yours with my bare hands--guns or no guns," and the young fellow stepped so close to the rat-faced sailor that the latter, though he bore two revolvers and a villainous looking knife in his belt, slunk back abashed.
Far off, the lofty jet of the whale might be seen, and nearer at hand the prowling shark, that villainous footpad of the seas, would come skulking along, and, at a wary distance, regard us with his evil eye.
But no, thank heaven, both man and horse were gone, and nothing was left to witness against me but two objects - unpleasant enough in themselves to be sure, and presenting a very ugly, not to say murderous appearance - in one place, the hat saturated with rain and coated with mud, indented and broken above the brim by that villainous whip-handle; in another, the crimson handkerchief, soaking in a deeply tinctured pool of water - for much rain had fallen in the interim.
The actor born in Nawanshahr, Punjab in 1932, is remembered for playing iconic villainous roles in Hindi cinema as well as other Indian and international film industries.
In Maximillan Villainous, author Margaret Chiu Greanias unravels a tale about the evil doings of the Villainous Family.
Earlier, Mansha Pasha had revealed that she will have a villainous role in the drama.
Hero Alejandro de la Vega must put on his mask once again to stop a villainous plot.
Fans will know that the villainous Galactic Empire fell following the end of Return of the Jedi with the death of Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) at the hands of Darth Vader, who also perished.
Summary: The movie also stars Sikander Kher in a villainous role
She is popularly known for playing the villainous rolesincluding Gabby in the soap opera 'Tabasamu', Anita in 'Uriru Wa Wendo' and Lucy in 'Jane and Abel'.
As with nearly all stories in this genre, a super villainous organization is trying to take over the world with some bit of exotic scientific achievement.
Whilst the villainous British were busily enslaving the rest of the world perhaps some of our forebears were sailing past the Dutch as the were busily emancipating the Dutch East Indies to the benefit of the locals there or perhaps they saw the Germans as they merrily spread goodwill amongst the citizens of their East African Empire.
Greece's former prime minister Antonis Samaras filed a lawsuit against Alexis Tsipras on Thursday, accusing the current head of government of slander and "a villainous plot" against him over a bribery case.
In 1939, Meliguy presented his first cinematic role as a villain in the film "Qays and Laila," this performance, as well as later famous villainous roles, earned him the nickname "Villain of the Screen." While acting, Meliguy entered the world of film production in 1947, creating films that were said to match his real persona and cinematic philosophy.