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Synonyms for villainous

Synonyms for villainous

utterly reprehensible in nature or behavior

Synonyms for villainous

extremely wicked


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Some twenty souls in all there were, fifteen of them rough and villainous appearing seamen.
We are absolutely in your power, but you'll treat Professor Porter and Miss Porter with respect or I'll break that vile neck of yours with my bare hands--guns or no guns," and the young fellow stepped so close to the rat-faced sailor that the latter, though he bore two revolvers and a villainous looking knife in his belt, slunk back abashed.
Don't you remember what a beastly time we had up in the bush - how they kept us day after day in that villainous hut because it was a fetish week, and how after we had got the concessions those confounded niggers followed us
But no, thank heaven, both man and horse were gone, and nothing was left to witness against me but two objects - unpleasant enough in themselves to be sure, and presenting a very ugly, not to say murderous appearance - in one place, the hat saturated with rain and coated with mud, indented and broken above the brim by that villainous whip-handle; in another, the crimson handkerchief, soaking in a deeply tinctured pool of water - for much rain had fallen in the interim.
Whilst the villainous British were busily enslaving the rest of the world perhaps some of our forebears were sailing past the Dutch as the were busily emancipating the Dutch East Indies to the benefit of the locals there or perhaps they saw the Germans as they merrily spread goodwill amongst the citizens of their East African Empire.
Greece's former prime minister Antonis Samaras filed a lawsuit against Alexis Tsipras on Thursday, accusing the current head of government of slander and "a villainous plot" against him over a bribery case.
In 1939, Meliguy presented his first cinematic role as a villain in the film "Qays and Laila," this performance, as well as later famous villainous roles, earned him the nickname "Villain of the Screen.
C [USA], December 1 (ANI): American actor Adam Driver revealed that he was unwilling to take up the villainous role of Kylo Ren in the 'Star Wars' series as he considered Hollywood movies to be "too broad".
Garcia has more recently been known for her various villainous roles.
And if you want to get his latest book, Bad Dad, a high-speed cops and robbers adventure with heart and soul about a father and son taking on the vile and villainous Mr Big, you'll need to join the chase.
Lucifer" Season 3 will soon give villainous character The Sinnerman a face.
A villainous swan has caused 15,000 [pounds sterling] (that's about $5 American after Brexit) to eight of the motorized boats at a lake in Suffolk, England.
On arriving in the capital, he is involved in the slaughter a band of veteran soldiers at a tavern, and the Musketeers' loyalties are torn when the crown orders them to defend the villainous prince.
Is there something about older 39As or some other villainous mechanical contrivance obstructing my pleasure?
There's a great moment when he joins five of the cast as police officers, complete with flashing helmet, to sniff out the villainous King Rat after being pointed in the right direction by the wonderful Joanne O'Brien as Fairy Ding a Ling.