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Synonyms for village

a community of people smaller than a town

a settlement smaller than a town

a mainly residential district of Manhattan

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They enjoy living in locations with a "villagey" feel.
Granville Island ( is actually a peninsula, not an island, offering a villagey atmosphere close to the city centre.
It's got everything you could want and it has a lovely villagey feel; there are parks and gardens everywhere in London.
Roy Porter points out that "Mayfair always remained a touch villagey, with cottages and even pockets of poverty in the backstreets and mews, whose tenants waited upon the upper crust" (107).
This is very much Miss Marple transported to the States though with a much less "villagey" feel.
"There's a real villagey feel to the pub which is fantastic."
(both laugh) So I feel the villagey part of the Village very much.
"We are trying to avoid a villagey feel for Gotham, as it starts to get claustrophobic."
In minutes, you could walk from the villagey downtown onto trails that switchbacked up the San Jacinto Mountains to palm oases and towering waterfalls hidden in canyons.
But the developers have arranged its layout to give a secluded "villagey" atmosphere with an open green, landscaping and children's play area.
For an intimate, properly French shopping experience head for trendy "SoPi" - "South of Pigalle" - particularly villagey Rue des Martyrs, with specialist shops for such delights as truffles, jam, tea, crepes, fish and farm vegetables.
BEER GARDENS THE PLOUGH High Street, Harborne, B17 9NP This pub has a lovely villagey vibe and a nice little garden out the back.
"It's just outside Cardiff, feels more 'villagey', it's an ideal location.