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Synonyms for vigorousness

a quality of active mental and physical forcefulness

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Examples of such behavior might include those tied to social affiliation, talkativeness, assertiveness, energy and activity levels, vigorousness, boldness, and daring (Goldberg, 1992).
According to European Standard EN22 (1974), vigorousness of all larvae was assessed before the experiments and nonreactive or unhealthy specimens were thrust aside.
Similarly, a soldier will be good at fighting to the extent that he has (1) a thorough command of military techniques, (2) the ability and willingness to obey commands even under severe duress, and (3) bravery and vigorousness in the presence of personal danger.
Creativity in education: Clearness in perception, vigorousness in curiosity, Education for Information 24 (2-3):139-51.
Does the impetus toward greater vigorousness extend to these direct exchanges between journalists and officials?
16) While the Court of Appeals rather curtly upholds the district court's ruling that such a claim is invalid, the vigorousness of the dissent--and its turn to seventeenth-century English common law in order to hold that the plaintiffs are indeed U.