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Synonyms for vigor

a quality of active mental and physical forcefulness

Synonyms for vigor

active strength of body or mind

an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)

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A multiple regression analysis was performed on 34 seed lots to search for better combination of vigor tests than a single test.
"The implementation of the Telestream Cloud Workflow solution,anadvanced media processing and workflow automation powered by Vantage media processing technology, will allow stations tointelligently conformmedia in the cloud for station playout broadcast," notes Vigor founder and CEO Magnus Sorlander.
Vigor reckons a few wins would make his family back in Inverurie proud and bagging a medal would be a dream come true for the Scots, who'll be coached by Aussie Rob Beveridge.
In addition, it has a wide portfolio of dairy products, including yogurt, cheese and other dairy products, marketed under the Vigor, Danubio, Faixa Azul, Serrabella Leco and Amelia brands, among others.
Based on the cold test results, representative samples of the lots 2, 3, 5 and 6 were classified as higher physiological quality, averaging 87-94% germination, samples of lots 1 and 8 with average quality (80-81%) and the remaining samples were classified as low vigor, averaging less than 75% (Table 1).
Although there are several kinds of researches on the vigor tests, different tests have been advised for estimating seedling emergence in soybean by Kulik and Yaklich (1982), Colete et al.
The table 08 revealed that wheat variety Mehran-89 produced maximum (1182.00) seed vigor index as compared to wheat variety TJ-83 which was recorded (703.30) seed vigor index.
These vines have good vigor. In the east-west vine rows, the owners notice a difference in the canopy on the north and south side.
Nas variaveis, teste de germinacao e classificacao do vigor das plantulas ocorreram diferencas estatisticas pelo teste t e, os coeficientes de correlacao ([R.sup.2]) foram altos nos modelos ajustado, especialmente para a variavel classificacao do vigor das plantulas, em que os coeficientes foram iguais ou acima de 81%.
Entretanto, ainda existem poucas informacoes disponiveis na literatura referente a relacao existente entre a atividade respiratoria de sementes e sua qualidade, nao sendo suficientes para caracterizar o teste de respiracao como padrao com o intuito de separar lotes de sementes quanto ao vigor. Diante disso, neste trabalho objetivou-se avaliar a atividade respiratoria da semente como metodo para separar lotes de sementes de soja, feijao e milho em diferentes niveis de vigor.
The study by CSHL researchers has revealed one genetic mechanism for hybrid vigor, a property of plant breeding that has been exploited to boost yield since the early 20th century.
Anthony Vigor, chairman of the National Express Foundation, said: "We know so many people are active in the community, so if they think they would benefit from our support we urge them to look at our funding criteria and put forward an application."
Renton, WA, January 11, 2013 --( Local fitness and performance center Vigor Ground will be hosting an 8-week transformation contest to kick-off the new year.