vigil light

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a candle lighted by a worshiper in a church

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ALL MY LIFE A CATHOLIC, I UNDERSTOOD vigil lights for the first time on my mother's birthday, May 18, eight months after she died.
I noticed a bank of vigil lights, the kind I had passed many times before in many churches.
Since the vigil light stand was often placed in front of a statue of the Blessed Mother, the devotion seemed to play on a theme of Lady Luck rather than Lady Grace.
My view of vigil light prayer changed when I lived in a certain community house many years ago.
Hoping to protect her sons as did her superstitious ancestors, Mahany invokes her "blessed backup squad: the angels and saints, the umpteen vigil lights and infinite vespers that are my hotline, my speed dial, to God and assembled heavenly hosts."
Stop into an empty Catholic church whenever you get the chance to sit in silence and gaze at the stained glass, the flickering vigil lights, and statues of saints.
Is it the man over by the vigil lights? [Speaker points to another part of the picture.] The one wearing gray Dockers adjustable-waist pleated pants, a navy blue sweater and Hush Puppies slip-ons and holding the paten he was just handed by the man in an alb, a cincture, an embroidered chasuble, a stole and Orthaheel Walking Shoes?
Inside these sweltering buildings, designers have followed a simple and age-old credo: "God said: Let there be no light." Massive structures of dark stone are lit by four vigil lights that give off fewer lumens than an elderly glowworm with a busted rheostat.
Having lit all available vigil lights and giddy with fervor (or, perhaps, latent pyromania), we moved on to the side altars.
Richard McBrien, in this week's column on Page 21, notes that we don't honor saints so much by lighting vigil lights in front of their images (though churches do like that revenue!), but by imitating them.