vigil candle

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a candle lighted by a worshiper in a church


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Ocampo said a vigil candle will be lit during the gathering and would remain in the Edsa Shrine for one week.
Through John's magnificent vision, we begin to understand why all those vigil candles lit over so many centuries were more than pretty symbols of hope against hope.
Later in evening on Saturday, candle vigil memorial ceremony will be held at Naluchi Bridge where AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan and others would vigil candles to remember those who had lost their lives in deadly earthquake 2005.
Help Kaylie's family light up the night with vigil candles on October 26.
VIGIL Candles are lit in after-dark tribute VICTIM Casey Kearney GRIEF Flowers and messages, including one from her dad, at the spot where Casey Kearney, 13, was tragically killed
Strangers squeezed into the home offering vigil candles to Padre Pio and envelopes stuffed with cash.
He added that Iloilo anti-pork ecumenical groups would also gather at the Jaro Cathedral to "say prayers and light vigil candles to ask divine assistance."
Her image of the World Trade Center Towers replaced by lit vigil candles illustrated our editorial page last week.