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Synonyms for viewpoint

Synonyms for viewpoint

the position from which something is observed or considered

Synonyms for viewpoint

a mental position from which things are viewed

a place from which something can be viewed

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The table shows that more than half of the articles that contained actors' quotes (of the groups analyzed) and that expressed views on immigration gave space to just one category of voice and to one kind of viewpoint, whereas 18.5% gave space to the quotes of only one group and to two different viewpoints.
Viewpoint's capabilities run the full range of creative branding and production, from concept creation to final delivery, and include: Brand Strategy; Concept and Creative Development; Design and Art Direction; Script and Copywriting; Live Action Production and Photography; Digital Development; Video Editing and Composite; Animation; Audio Mixing and Engineering; Project Management; and Technical Support.
Joe Tan, General Manager Broadcast Solutions Asia Pacific, added: "The partnership with Mobile Viewpoint is a perfect fit.
"The construction industry is embarking on a major digital transformation, and together with Trimble we will further accelerate technology innovation and adoption to deliver even more value to our customers," adds Viewpoint CEO Manolis Kotzabasakis.
The highest part of the limestone viewpoint reaches 25-32 metres.
Viewpoint's suite of purpose-built SaaS, client-server and mobile solutions improve project performance, provide increased visibility and deliver integrated workflow data to the entire team consisting of general contractors, project managers, architects, engineers and subcontractors, the statement added.
Canon Middle East announced today the development of the Free Viewpoint Video System, a new visual solution that incorporates the optical and sensor technologies cultivated by the company over many years.
I felt like Viewpoint was a part of our team throughout the process, and honestly, they were.
In her new role, she will work from Viewpoint's company headquarters in Portland, Oregon.
VIEWPOINT Games has been boosted by new capital to help it develop its first virtual reality game VR Karts.
ToolWatch Corporation said it has partnered with Viewpoint to offer an integrated software package.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 7, 2015-ToolWatch, Viewpoint offer integration software
Mobile Viewpoint has debuted a ruggedized R-edition' of their WMT Agile 2.0 HD video transmission backpack.
ViewPoint, with consolidated assets of approximately $4.0 billion, is the 210th largest insured depository organization in the United States.
ViewPoint Financial Group Inc (NASDAQ: VPFG) has said that it expects to complete its merger with LegacyTexas Group Inc.