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the audience reached by television

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The Internet broadcast viewing audience increased the total viewing audience by almost 50 percent over the arena attendance.
WebNet's vision of providing low cost, ubiquitous broadband wireless services throughout North America is now becoming a reality and we are very happy to tell our story and share our vision with the World Business Review viewing audience," said Gregory C.
Woods and David Duval earned impressive television ratings for last year's prime-time golf match at Thousand Oaks' Sherwood Country Club, and the viewing audience for tonight's competition figures to be just as big.
Fridays, a time when most of its teen viewing audience isn't usually home watching TV.
I thought in a game which has been completely ruined for the viewing audience, it's very important that I get a timeout, because there's a commercial that I have that might get a chance to run at that particular time,'' Jackson quipped.
KCET, which has served Orange County for over 40 years and has the largest PBS viewing audience in the county, and Cal State Fullerton, with nearly 50 years of service to the region and with the largest enrollment of all 23 California State University campuses, began the first phase of their partnership in January.
Having to schedule something opposite the Super Bowl, which regularly attracts more than 60 percent of the total viewing audience.
Such a broadcast runs the risk of being didactic and ponderous, but the reasonably fast-moving show offered enough eye candy to keep even the notoriously short-attention-span viewing audience entertained.
Now that we possess a substantial viewing audience we are in a more favorable position to negotiate our rates for commercials with higher echelon ad agencies as well as corporate sponsors directly.
And the viewing audience is finally sitting up, or reclining on an easy chair, and watching.
All of Lewis' ventures encouraged kids in the viewing audience to participate.
Using Navic's technology, advertisers are more accurately tailoring their messages to the viewing audience, generating highly qualified customer leads, and receiving rich usage data for analysis.
For the many out here in the viewing audience who prefer to have their brains teased rather than their glands, I hope that there are some undiscovered writers out there with fresh ideas.
Beginning Monday, Lewis introduces a new sidekick and a new show to her young viewing audience.
4 in household ratings and a 19 share of viewing audience, according to Nielsen Media Research figures released Wednesday.