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the display of a motion picture

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a vigil held over a corpse the night before burial


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Paul discusses how remote viewing was used in military intelligence gathering, how it has been used in police investigations and finding missing people, and how it is being used in financial investing.
Coquet View is easily accessible, from the A1 and open every day for viewings. This unrivalled location is in high demand, so for further information on how you can get your very own slice of the Northumberland coast, contact Jared and Sue at Coquet View on tel: 01665 712721 or visit
There are viewing platforms on levels 69 and at the highest public level of 72, here the building is partially open and surrounded by shards of glass, so you can also hear as well as see the city below.
Director's Cut is not a work that explains itself with repeated viewings. All there is to see, finally, is the nest of artificial structures and the organic chaos at its heart.
Rockefeller envisioned this observation deck as his gift to the people of New York, a grand viewing platform from where to enjoy beautiful views of our city," said Mayor Michael R.
As with a hard copy of an e-mail, the same holds true for letters, memos, reports or spreadsheets--you are limited to viewing only the written words.
This technology can also be used to view manuals or magazines, and is expected to fulfill a broad range of viewing needs.
The first viewing of the construction of a Buddhist sand mandala can often generate many reactions.
IPRO offers a diverse suite of solutions from robust imaging, annotating, and indexing tools, to specialized document viewing and desktop imaging tools.
Anglicans, on the other hand, have cast a disparaging eye on Martin Luther, viewing him as a potty-mouthed German buffoon whose views of both the English monarchy and church were often uncomplimentary.
TransMagic, Inc., makers of innovative and affordable 3D CAD translation software, has announced the release of a new, specialized 3D CAD viewing product.